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    Zombie Infection 2 for mobile (Java)

    There seems to be no end to the zombie infection spreading across continents. Now, three brave souls must work together to clear the spanish jungle, mines, a secret laboratory and much more to contain the epidemic. Survive attacks from never-before-seen freaks like infected bats and sharks. Proceed with caution, use new weapons – such as flamethrowers, grenades and melee weapons – to keep the dead in their place, and board a speedboat for a dramatic escape.

    • Three characters to play with, each offering a different gaming experience
      Beautiful graphics with amazing effects that include explosions.
    • A selection of weapons that includes a flamethrower, grenades, pistols, spears, a zapper and more.
    • Various enemies such as human zombies, hunters, infected bats and a giant monster.
    • Travel through South America passing through villages, forests, a mine, an oil tanker, a laboratory and more.
    • Varied Gameplay: Operate an artillery turret and pilot a speedboat on a spectacular escape.

    Coming soon!

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