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    Zombie Anarchy (Zombie Attack): You can now download the new Gameloft game

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    Zombie Anarchy (zombie attack in Spain) is now available for download at Google Play e App Store. However, the game has not yet been released in Spain. On Android, just download the apk and on iOS, all you need to do is use an App Store account in the Philippines. In Zombie Anarchy, the player must create his base and keep it away from the undead and other players who want his resources.

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    - How is the game?

    Zombie Anarchy is a game that mixes Clash of Clans elements with action minigames. There are times when you need to kill a lot of zombies, and in others, you need to build structures to build your stronghold in the zombie apocalypse.

    Built on such mechanics, Zombie Anarchy surprises with its “dress”. The game has excellent 3D graphics, and a fun vibe that mixes humor with a little horror.

    Zombie Anarchy resembles Clash of Clans, but the game's lineup is more similar to that of Boom Beach. Zombie Anarchy has fast interactions and the single missions are very repetitive.

    - Opinion

    Our first impressions are a mixture of satisfaction and frustration. Satisfaction for being a new franchise with an interesting proposal. A Boom Beach with zombies and 3D graphics, it looks pretty cool. But Zombie Anarchy is ridiculously repetitive. The missions require zero strategy and ditto for invasions of enemy lands. Great wasted potential. Maybe that's why the game is only in softlaunch.

    Link to Download the game on Google Play

    Link to Download the game in APK Pure

    Link to Download the game from the App Store PH (iOS)

    Developer: Gameloft
    Advertising: Yes | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.0 / iOS 8.0
    Language: Spanish | Size: 200 MB

    [originally published October 5, 2016]

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