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    Zio and The Magic Scrolls: game for Android and iOS mixes cardgame, RPG and Manhwa

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    For lovers and fans of Mobile RPGs, a new title of the genre has recently arrived for mobile phones, both on Android and iOS. ZIO and the Magic Scrolls is a game called by the developers themselves as “RPG AFK”, being fully automated. Game is authored by the study Web Toon, a publisher known for releasing digital Manhwa.


    In this adventure we face a war between wizards and evil sorcerers in the lands of Aerok located in Naptel. Zio, on the side of the mages, manages to seal the most powerful evil sorcerer in the 3rd Mage War. Unfortunately, our hero loses almost all of his powers, leaving only the ability to create magic scrolls. Now we need to fight the evil sorcerer's return.

    Developed by Super Planet, ZIO and the Magic Scrolls is a spin-off of a popular Korean webtoon, as well as Super String, which we already have a previous article on our website. Check out the gameplay of the new RPG:

    In its gameplay, we players face battles with a team of five characters, we need to strategize, cast spells according to our mana and acquire new scrolls around the world. Only three scrolls are allowed per battle, so it is necessary to choose very wisely, before each fight.

    As stated earlier, the game is fully automatic, with players being able to enjoy rewards even though they are not in game.

    On the narrative side, we'll have a lot to discover about JIO itself, as well as exploring the world map in four chapters and 22 episodes. The game has many parts in the visual novel style, so for those interested in the style it can be a good experience, given the positive user reviews on the newly released game.

    ZIO and the Magic Scrolls is available for both Android and iOS. The developers, unfortunately, did not provide the requirements to run the game. However, I was able to successfully test and run the game on a very basic, entry-level device, so it's likely to run on most current devices without any issues.



    Developer: Super Planet
    Advertising: Yes | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 5.0 / iOS 11
    Language: Spanish | Size: 400 MB

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