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    Zangado's Youtube channel is back

    Youtube started restoring the Zangado Channel today. Gradually the videos are coming back. Zangado asked subscribers to check if they are still subscribed because many have lost registration and activation of the bell.

    The channel URL is

    “I would like to thank all of you who sent messages through my social networks, those who tweeted asking for help from the Google team, those who used their contacts to try to help and especially my fans, who as always were sensational supporting me in this moment that was the hardest of my 11-year career on Youtube”, said Thiago Silva, aka Zangado.

    Now it's time to release the videos, rearrange the channel's playlists and continue the work with the videos of Primeira half Hora, Primeira Hora and the Analysis in Vale ou Não a Pena Jogar, Sagas, and the Z-Cast, live that will air on Youtube on Mondays at 20 pm and can be accessed via Spotify and Google Podcast.

    Anyone who wants to follow the progress can follow the twitter @zangadogames.

    What happened

    The Zangado channel celebrated 11 years of Youtube on November 30th and a day later it was hacked.

    On December 1st, around 18:30 pm the thousands of gameplay videos, reviews and sagas had been removed from the channel, which was being used to make lives about bitcoins.

    The Zangado channel is one of the most traditional on Youtube Spain. When Zangado started there were only six influencers in Spain. Thiago Silva, who uses the nickname Zangado to maintain his anonymity, is a Civil Engineer and left the profession a few years ago to make a living from his videos. In addition to the channel, it makes gamer content for companies and presents the Z-Cast podcast.

    “Despite everything, a really serious problem, the nice side of the story was the mobilization. Receive support from dear friends, the press – more than 50 articles were published – and more than 100 tweets from influencers of all sizes in Spain supporting Zangado in this difficult time. The process took a while, but I want to thank the support of the Youtube Team in Spain”, says Fernanda Domingues, CEO of FD Comunicação and entrepreneur of Zangado for six years.

    About the Angry Channel
    The Zangado channel went live in November 2009 and currently has 4,2 million followers. Zangado gathers more than 8 million fans on its social networks. He is a gamer and speaks very well about games, comics, movies and geek subjects. Presents the Z-Cast podcast, on Mondays at 20 pm, on Youtube.

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