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    Yea! Razer is creating the “gamer mask” and it has RGB!

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    Razer's Project Hazel is a translucent face mask with RGB lighting.

    In these times of a pandemic, you must be wondering if someone would create a gamer mask to protect from COVID-19, right? Well, Razer is creating one.

    Every year at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, gaming hardware maker Razer demonstrates concept designs that may or may not turn out to be real. This year, along with a transformative gaming chair with a retractable screen, the company is showcasing Project Hazel, "the world's smartest mask." It is an N95 mask with dual rechargeable active fans that provide bi-directional filtration. The mask part is transparent, so people can see your smiling face. The silicone frame prevents the mask from putting pressure on your nose and mouth. And yes, the filters have RGB lighting, which can act as load indicators and also as decoration.

    Photo: Razer (Reproduction)

    The mask was imagined in two models: one dark and one white.

    As a reusable mask, Project Hazel would come with a wireless charging case with ultraviolet light sterilization functionality. The idea is that people wear this all day and then throw it in the box to clean overnight.

    It's worth remembering that it's just a project that Razer claims to be working on. There is no release date for the product yet.

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