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    Xtreme Racing 2 Speed ​​Car GT: Offline Racing Game for Android

    Xtreme Racing 2 – Speed Car GT is a game of race to Android. Drive toy cars on crazy and adrenaline-filled circuits. With the possibility of offline play Xtreme Racing 2 has a simple proposal and graphics that can be run on any weak smartphone.

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    Apparently the producers' goal was to create a light game. Xtreme Racing 2 runs great on any Android phone or iPhone. The commands are another aspect where the producer saved.

    There are no power-ups on the track or boxes with question marks, Xtreme Racing 2 is not Tablet Top Racing or Micro Machines. The lack of resources in the gameplay is justified in fast races against one or several opponents. In this game, the objective is to compete and beat several pilots around a city.

    There is a customization system, but it is quite simple. While there are options for modifying the car, there aren't many vehicles to choose from.

    - Opinion

    If the graphics and lean gameplay captivate, the difficulty disappoints. In Xtreme Racing 2, everything is very expensive and difficult on purpose, just to try to justify some purchases. The races are repetitive, leaving the impression that Xtreme Racing 2 is more for casual gameplay. The game will hardly be among the "best", due to the lack of incentive to move on.

    The producer of this game seems to be having some licensing problem, as the game is constantly leaving and coming back on Google Play. So we will post the APK Pure link.

    Link to Download on Android (Google Play)

    Developer: Genera Games
    Advertising: No | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.1
    Language: Spanish| Size: 60MB

    [originally published January 27, 2017]

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