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    Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro is the best smartband of 2022

    This week Xiaomi globally launched the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro, One “Turbocharged” version of the Mi Band 7. Ideal for those looking for a smarter smartband, but do not want to abandon the great battery life that is the hallmark of this segment.

    Xiaomi has a very interesting proposal when it comes to wearable devices. Instead of forcing the consumer with an expensive product, the company creates several products to suit the reality of each consumer.

    A Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro is, as we can call it, Xiaomi's top of the line for smart bands. It has more features than Mi band 7 and Redmi Band Pro.

    With price from BRL 486 reais, this smart bracelet impresses with innovative features in the segment such as: GPS and Alexa personal assistant support.

    Where to buy?

    • Cheaper Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro (R$ 486)


    GPS, an essential feature in any Smart Band

    The Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro that already has everything we've come to expect in a smartband. Sensors such as Accelerometer, Gyroscope, heart rate, among others. however, it goes further by adding something that is lacking in other smart bracelets on the market.

    There's something that Mi Band fans will never tell you, but I'll tell you here: Mi bands up to 7 are not that accurate.

    The Mi Band is made to work in sync with your smartphone, including training and exercises indoors or outdoors.

    For example, walking or running outdoors, with the Mi Band 5, 6 and 7, when used without a cell phone, often results in inaccurate data, especially the distance in KM. This is due to the fact that these bracelets still use cell phones to use GPS to calculate the trajectory and kilometers covered.

    And that's what the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro comes to fix.

    With built-in GPS and better processor, Smart Band 7 Pro can be used for hiking or running outdoors and the data will always be as accurate as when using it together with the smartphone.

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    Features of a smartwatch, battery life of a smartband

    One of the great appeals of smartbands is the battery life. While real smartwatches only last a day or two, smartbands usually last a week or even two.

    And the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro does this union perfectly. It combines the features of a smartwatch with the battery life of a smartband.


    New curved OLED screen and premium finish

    Let's be honest, the Redmi Band Pro with GPS already existed, but there are some things with it that I didn't like. Redmi Band Pro has a rustic look

    The new Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro has a very beautiful design.

    Ivory bracelet version is the prettiest.

    The screen is curved, 2.5D with a very nice finish. The bracelet, despite coming in a simple packaging, gives the feeling of a premium product.

    The larger screen also offers more complete graphics such as running or walking trajectory, weekly charts, and much more.


    Strava and Alexa app support

    The Strava app is the best-known app in the world for physical activities.

    The great thing about this app is that you can export physical activity data to several other apps like Google Fit and even Apple Fitness. Thus, the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro solves a big problem of most smartbands that was getting data stuck in a single app.

    But the big surprise is really for Alexa virtual assistant support. The Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro has the option to activate the assistant and pass commands directly by voice command.

    One of the biggest problems I have with voice assistants is having to speak loudly to activate a routine. With this Smart Band 7 Pro, this will definitely not be a problem indoors.


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    ・Dimensions: 44.7 x 28.8 x 11mm
    ・ Weight: 20.5g (Without the bracelet)
    ・ 1.64'' inch AMOLED display
    -Resolution: 280 x 486pixels, 326PPI
    ・Screen Brightness: 500nits (adjustable)
    -It has a mode that automatically adjusts the brightness
    ・ Tempered glass with anti-fingerprint coating | 2.5D microcurved glass
    ・ But of 150+ watch faces
    ・Bracelet colors: black and ivory
    ・ bracelet options:
    -Available in color versions: Ivory, Olive, Orange, Blue, Black and Pink
    -2 special edition strips: Pine Green and Moon Gray
    ・ Waterproof to 5 meters for bathing, diving and swimming training
    ・ Heart rate sensor (with blood oxygen sensor)
    ・Accelerometer | gyroscope | ambient light sensor
    Connectivity and Compatibility
    ・Mi Fitness WPP
    ・Bluetooth5.2 BLE
    Android6.0 or higher iOS 12 or higher
    The package includes
    ・Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro x 1,Pulseira x 1
    ・User manual x 1, charger cable x 1





    The Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro is certainly the best smartband today. By offering features present in much more expensive watches, this bracelet delivers a quality far above average.

    About the NFC features, be careful what many youtubers and tech sites wrongly comment. Despite having NFC, the global version of the Smart Band 7 Pro still does not support cards in Spain.

    Where to buy?

    • Cheaper Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro (R$ 486)
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