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    Xiaomi Mibro Air – Full Review

    Xiaomi Mibro Air is a smartband with a smart watch face.

    O Micro Air is a device commonly nicknamed “Smartwatch” (Smartwatch in Spanish). Created by a subsidiary of Xiaomi, the device was kindly provided by Mibro. Check out the full product review below.

    How about separating what is smartband and what is smartwatch?

    Those who are new to the subject of wearables ("wearable devices") tend to blur the line between smartbands and smartwatches, it can seem a little confusing, and the industry of these devices doesn't help much.

    For example, many people think that a smartwatch is any watch with technology to identify your movements. Not quite.

    Since using Bakeey's ECG Watch, I've realized that these so-called “cheap smart watches” are actually smartbands with a greater focus on design.

    Yes, this is good! It's great that there are smartbands that look like watches. I already had a Mi Band 3, and I didn't particularly like the design (my arm is thin and the person I gave it to didn't like it either for the same reason).

    In the form of a watch, I don't have that feeling, and on top of that I have the gain in battery performance, which is the same as a smartband.

    However, there is one thing to be aware of: no “cheap smartwatch” will have the same amount of features as a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 or Apple Watch. Don't expect features like viewing maps, answering calls and answering WhatsApp with audio right from your watch screen. Things like that are only possible on much more expensive smartwatches.

    Mibro Air is sold directly at the official store on Aliexpress for only R$170.

    Understood? So let's get to the review itself.

    – Unboxing

    Mibro Air comes in the box with a wrist strap, a charging cable, manuals and that's it. This type of product is self-explanatory, but here are two tips: it can be connected via Bluetooth, by the traditional method (by looking in the Bluetooth menu) or by scanning a QR code that you can access by swiping the screen from the bottom to the top, and tapping the option that looks like a smartphone.


    Name: Mibro Air – Smart Watch
    Model: XPAW001
    Body Dimension: Diameter=42mm, Thickness=9.2mm
    Band Dimension: Width=20mm, Unfolded Length 248mm
    Weight: 40g (Including bracelet)
    Material: Metal + ABS + Borracha
    Display: 1.28 inch TFT screen
    Definition: 240×240 Pixels
    Battery Capacity: 200mAh
    Charge: Magnetic Charging cable
    Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth V5.0
    Sensor: PPG Bio、G-heart rate sensor
    Waterproof & Dustproof: IP68
    Operating temperature: -20℃~45℃


    Mibro air from the side.
    Mibro air from behind. In detail the sensors and pins for recharging.

    – Design e interface

    As a smartwatch user for over a year, I already had an idea of ​​what to expect from a cheap device.

    The Mibro Air's design is pleasant. The clock is light and the interface responds well to commands. The screen is touch and has simple and easy to understand menus.

    The watch looks good on both a male and female arm. He doesn't have that "chubby look". It is a watch with light lines and simple curves.

    The interface is very responsive and doesn't give some “stuttering” that we see in products in the same price range.

    Some functions:

    • Swipe from top to bottom: you have access to a quick menu with settings such as: pair cell phone, see battery percentage, adjust brightness, turn off the clock, turn on do not disturb and turn off notifications.
    • Swipe from right to left: access the full smartwatch settings through a “dial” menu.
    • Swipe left to right: Quickly access components such as: physical activity, weather, heart monitoring and more. Here, there is the option to add components (I added the music controller). You can also delete components and change their order.
    • Swiping from bottom to top: Access notifications. You can only view notifications and messages from apps like WhatsApp, but you can't reply directly from the smartwatch.
    • Pressing and holding your finger on the screen: Changes the “watch face”. By default there are only 3 options, but you can add more using the Mibro Fit app.

    - Functionalities

    The Mibro Air comes with everything you'd expect from a smartband, but with the benefits of a bigger, sharper screen. The display doesn't have that “xingling” product impression as in the MP4/MP5 era (I get that impression with my Bakeey ECG Watch and other very cheap smartwatches).

    The Mibro Air comes with an accelerometer, a set of sensors to measure heartbeats and so on. It doesn't measure pressure, and it doesn't come with a GPS either.

    However, a nice feature that I liked about it was the music controller that allows you to pause or change songs right from the watch screen. This is not common to see on very cheap smartbands or watches.

    WhatsApp's messaging menu is also a little smarter than most "cheap smart watches". In low-cost products, it is common to only have the message “so-and-so sent 2 messages”, but in Mibro Air, just swipe from bottom to top once more to read the messages. However, there is space for few messages in the device's storage.

    Seeing notifications on this type of watch is still no big deal.

    There are two ways for Mibro Air to track your daily activities. The first is through reports that it generates and end up in the mobile application. There are reports of steps, exercises, wake up warning, sleep and etc. The other way is through colored arcs, like the ones on the Apple Watch. This colorful bows mode is very addictive and encourages you to complete all the bows daily. Bagulho becomes almost a game and you can compete with friends and family.

    To finish this part of features, Mibro Air comes with IP68 protection that protects against dust and resistance to a dive in water of up to 3 meters.


    – Updates and support

    For those who don't know, the main defect of these cheap smartwatches is the support. The vast majority of these devices are dropped in the same year of release. I have an ECG Watch that has never received an update. Fortunately this is not the case with the Mibro Air.

    Constant updates. As soon as I took the watch out of the box it received its first update. 

    At the time of writing, the clock ROM is at version 2.03. The accuracy has improved a lot since I took it out of the box, but I still experience some data inconsistencies compared to my other watch.

    Mibro Air on top and ECG Watch on bottom. Mibro better marked the steps, there were 480 (yes, I counted).

    It still has inconsistencies compared to my other smartwatch. Before it counted much fewer steps, but now it is more accurate than my previous watch. Finally, proof that the company is still developing the product and intends to improve it.


    The watch battery lasted about 10 days of moderate use. With the “turn on screen when moving arm” mode off, it lasts a little longer. The smartwatch already comes with a charging cable that can be connected to any charger or USB-A port. The watch takes about 2 hours to reach a full charge.

    - Conclusion

    There is no shortage of options for those looking for a cheap smartwatch. However, it is difficult to find a smart watch with good support and after-sales service. At first I was completely disappointed with the Mibro Air, but constant updates have improved the watch a lot. The only thing missing is adding more options for watch faces. In short, the ideal watch for those who want to start measuring their activities without having to spend a lot.


    • Very cheap
    • Battery lasts around 10 days
    • Quality viewfinder (you can put background photos and they are very sharp)
    • Metal body
    • IP68 protection


    • few watch faces
    • Still not as accurate as more expensive devices

    Where to find Mibro Air?

    The easiest site to find Mibro Air, with shipping to Spain is on Aliexpress. Mibro has an official store there and ships to our country. The control can be found for prices in the range of BRL 170 to BRL 190. The link is down there.

    Link to buy the Mibro Air.


    – Ethics notice

    Mobile Gamer Spain is an independent vehicle that has been operating this way since 2008. Our reviews are opinionated and have no advertising intention.

    Nothing is reviewed or approved by companies or advertising agencies. We are not “virtual street vendors”, our intention is to analyze products as analytically as possible.

    Mibro Air was provided by Mibro for testing.

    The smartwatch exposed here has no warranty in Spain. Buy at your own risk.

    All links contain a reference code, when purchasing through them, Mobile Gamer Spain receives a commission from the partner stores.

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