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    Xiaomi Haylou RS4 Plus is a “Cheap Apple Watch” with amazing construction and design

    With a look very similar to the Apple Watch, the Haylou RS4 Plus It's a smart watch with an impressive look and build.

    The smartwatch was developed by a subsidiary of Xiaomi and delivers many features.


    with the COUPON he fell 45 ou farofa45, the price of the watch drops to R$ 162,83 real.

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    See our Review.


    – Premium construction and finish

    RS4 Plus is Haylou's newest release. Unlike many Chinese smartwatches, the RS4 Plus surprises you right away with the build quality and fluidity of the interface.

    Right off the bat, we are surprised by a 1.78 inch OLED screen with a very good resolution of 368 x 448 pixels. This resolution, combined with a fast interface, enables graphics and messages with an outstanding quality.

    The Haylou RS4 Plus screen is large and has such definition that you can even see a complete calculator. However, this calculator also looks similar to the Apple Watch.

    Haylou's RS4 Plus, but a subsidiary of Xiaomi.

    Looking carefully at the Haylou RS4 Plus watch it is possible to notice a build quality above what you see in watches of the same value.

    The Haylou RS4 Plus is all metal with a curious bracelet. It is magnetic and does not need a clasp or buckle. Here's a tip for it to be very firm on the wrist, be sure to leave it very tight so that the magnetism holds the watch well.

    The RS4 Plus has IP68 protection that guarantees long-term submersion in water. Something we always see lacking in cheaper smartwatches.

    The Haylou RS4 Plus's quality workmanship and magnetic strap attract a lot of attention.


    – Interface

    The Haylou RS4 Plus interface is one of the most responsive and fast we've tested here. The screen refresh rate is 60hz.

    The look and usability will also remind you of the Apple Watch, when you press the button on the side of the device, the screen lights up, when you press it again, we see a menu in bubbles like on the Apple Watch.

    The interface is very intuitive and easy to use.

    Interface is incredibly fluid.

    By swiping your finger from top to bottom, there is a settings menu where it is possible, for example, to put the function of “turn on the screen when turning the clock”.

    A nice curiosity is that the Haylou RS4 Plus has a function that recognizes when you turn the clock by mistake or when performing another activity. If you don't keep the watch facing your face, it quickly goes out.

    Sliding your finger sideways is possible, Activities, Heart Rate, Stress (here wrongly translated to “Pressure”),


    - Application

    The watch app is Haylou Fun and it is available on Google Play. The pairing of the watch is done by scanning a QR Code on the device's screen. Very easy to do.

    Here we have another indication that this smartwatch is from Xiaomi. The app's interface is almost identical to that of Mi Fitness, Xiaomi's wristbands and smartwatches app.

    The only difference here is that we don't have the PAI, that personal assistant system for physical activities. But overall, the app works as expected and allows full control of the clock.

    Application is easy to configure and has an interface similar to Mi Fitness.

    – Haylou RS4 Plus Smartwatch features

    Packed with features, the Haylou RS4 Plus delivers what you'd expect from a much higher value smartwatch.

    The watch recognizes up to 105 different exercises, has a blood oxygenation meter ( SpO₂ ), a stress and sleep meter and a sedentary warning (if you spend a lot of time sitting).

    There is the option to recognize exercises without having to activate the option for each one of them. For example, if you start a race, it detects this and activates exercise mode.

    Two curious features of the Haylou RS4 Plus is its thermometer (from the environment) and a complete calculator.

    Thermometer and Calculator, functions you don't usually see on smartwatches are here.

    – A drum show

    Haylou RS4 Plus combines the best of both worlds when it comes to analyzing battery consumption. The watch has a smartwatch look, but consumption of a smartband. The battery lasts an average of 10 days, even with several stress and heart rate measurement features activated.

    By disabling the function that monitors the heart rate every 5 minutes, the Haylou RS5 Plus lasted up to 4 days of battery in our tests. Impressive.

    The Haylou RS4 Plus box comes with just one charging cable and a full charge lasts about 2 hours. Here we always leave the tip of not charging through smartphone chargers. Always use the USB port of a notebook, PC, video game or even the TV so that there is no impact on the battery.

    Haylou RS4 Plus has an attractive design for the female audience.

    - Conclusion

    Haylou RS4 Plus is the smart watch for anyone looking for an “Apple Watch for Android”. The RS4 Plus draws a lot of attention for its design and build and has features you'd expect to see in a watch in this price range. And best of all, it performs these features very well. However, I found his design more suitable for the female audience, but that can be a matter of personal taste.

    Haylou RS4 Plus costs about R$ 500 reais, but you can find it with launch discount on Aliexpress, with COUPON he fell 45 ou farofa45, the price of the watch drops to R$ 162,83 real.

    • Buy Haylou RS4 Plus at a discount for R$ 162


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