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    Xiaomi 11T Lite: global version arrives with special launch price

    O Xiaomi 11T Lite 5G NE It is the most affordable “top of the range” smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer. With Snapdragon 778G and screen with refresh rate of 90hz, the 11T Lite doesn't disappoint in gaming. See how to get it at launch discount.


    The “fine top of the line”

    The 11T Lite is yet another smartphone that is participating in this Xiaomi launch promotion. The cheapest “top of the line” of the company can be purchased for R$ 1.860 reais.

    But in reality, it is a premium intermediate, as its processor is the Snapdragon 778G.

    This smartphone is also the lightest and thinnest in the category. It's just 158 ​​grams and 6,8 millimeters thick.

    With very beautiful colors and elegant design, the Xiaomi 11T Lite is ideal for those looking for a powerful smartphone, but that is not a “brick” in their hands.

    The 11T Lite's camera set favors those who like to take lots of photos, especially selfies, with a 20 MP sensor and wide angle.

    How to buy the cheapest Xiaomi 11T Lite 5G NE with COUPON

    With the COUPON below, you can get a discount of R$ 160 reais when you buy the Xiaomi 11T Lite. It can go for up to R$1.600 reais (6GB – 128GB version). But the COUPON can be applied on any smartphone purchase on Aliexpress.

    1. Access the Xiaomi 11T Lite page on Aliexpress. (XIAOMI OFFICIAL STORE)

    2. Place the product in the cart.

    3. At checkout, apply the coupon MISUPER.

    The COUPON discount will be US$ 30 dollars, something around R$ 160 reais.

    • Buy Xiaomi 11T Lite at the lowest launch price

    Sober o Xiaomi 11T Lite 5G NE

    The 11T Lite is clearly aimed at an audience that doesn't care much about gaming or high-end technology. This needs to be made very clear, as there are some slip-ups here.

    Despite the processor being very good, the RAM memory is “only” LDDR4X. This is not bad, but it is already standard in the market to use LDDR5x in high-end smartphones.

    That said, it doesn't mean the device is bad. The set is perfect for anyone who wants a premium mid-range smartphone. It runs the vast majority of games well, but don't expect top-of-the-line performance in the heaviest games (by heavy I mean Genshin Impact and Fortnite).

    Thinner even than the recently announced Xiaomi CIVI, the 11T Lite has similar configurations, including the camera set, losing only on the front.

    The 11T Lite comes with a clear silicone TPU case, cable and 33 Watt charger.

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