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    XCOM, Star Wars and more: Promotions on Google Play even give paid games for free!

    June ended, but before the month turned around, Google Play started an exciting Steam “Summer Sale” style promotion. Check out a ton of games that are on sale. Some of them are even leaving for free..

    Although the paid games that are free are flashy, it's the titles on sale that stand out. games like XCOM e Punch Club are hugely successful games on PC and consoles that can be purchased at a super low price.

    2K games are almost all on sale. Games like NBA 2k17 and Civilization can be purchased for just R$9,99.

    Square Enix is ​​also having a promotion on its game library. Both Crystal Dynamics games and Square titles can be found with discounts of up to 50%.

    – Paid games that are free

    • Help Me Jack: Save the Dogs
    • Survival Time FULL
    • CosmoLands | Premium Edition
    • Armpit Hero: VIP
    • Wizard's Small Atelier OFFLINE


    – Games on sale for a limited time

    • XCOM®: Enemy Within (de R$ 30,99 por R$ 9,99)
    • Civilization Revolution 2 (de R$ 30,99 por R$ 9,99)
    • WWE 2K (from R$30,99 to R$9,99)
    • NBA 2K17 (from R$30,99 to R$9,99)
    • Party Hard Go (de R$ 6,49 por R$ 3,29)
    • Smashing The Battle (de R$ 14,99 por R$ 2,89)
    • Construction Simulator 2 (de R$ 13,99 por R$ 6,49)
    • Star WarsTM: KOTOR (from R$30,99 to R$9,99)
    • Lara Croft GO (from R$4,09 to R$2,09)
    • Hitman Sniper (de R$ 4,09 por R$ 2,09)
    • FINAL FANTASY TACTICS : WotL (from R$38,99 to R$19,99)
    • Punch Club (from R$15,99 to R$3,29)
    • Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition (de R$ 15,99 por R$ 3,29)
    • Call of Duty:Black Ops Zombies (de R$ 24,99 por R$ 6,49)
    • Adventures of Mana (from $40,99 to $24,99)


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