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    xCloud will support PC and iOS starting tomorrow (20)

    Microsoft's game streaming service, xCloud, will now support PC and iOS. For now, this is only valid for other countries, but it already gives hope to iPhone fans and those who have a “weak PC” (my case).

    xCloud allows you to fulfill your dream of playing games from the current generation of consoles directly on your cell phone.

    Support will be given on PCs and notebooks through Windows 10 and will feature the official Xbox app, a compatibility already expected by everyone, after all, both are Microsoft products.

    The new thing is iOS support. Support for iPhone and iPad will be through the Safari browser.

    The service debut on iOS and PCs will start tomorrow (20). As said, for now this is only for other countries where xCloud has already been officially launched.

    In Spain, players will have to wait a little longer. For now, in our country, the service is being tested on Android and always features the same games.


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