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    World of Zenonia: New Images Show a Possible Competitor for Genshin Impact

    A Gamevil revealed new images of its new MMORPG. The first screenshots of World of Zenonia were shown at a quarterly financial meeting. The game produced in partnership with Com2uS presents an impressive look with beautiful graphics in cel-shading. Unfortunately, Gamevil has already confirmed that the game only arrives in 2022.

    Inspired by the classic mobile RPG franchise, World of Zenonia will bring back to mobile a franchise that has already generated more than 63 million downloads for Gamevil.

    In the report, 4 images are shown. The first of these is the game's title screen. The second shows the franchise's protagonist, Sanza, wielding his sword in front of a castle, with a dragon in the background. The third image appears to be a female protagonist fighting a Dragon. The last image shows a character fighting mobs and a menu showing items and equipment.


    In the report, which talks about the game, it is described that World of Zenonia will have an improved combat system, inspired by the classic games of the franchise. It is also talked about the look that will be cartoon but with realistic elements of scenery. Will they work the game to be a Genshin Impact competitor? Will take!

    Unfortunately, as we know, Gamevil is going through a difficult time. The company that was once a giant in the mobile games market, acquired Com2Us in 2013. However, this is one of the few cases in which the acquired company generated more revenue than the buyer. Gamevil had a series of disastrous releases (such as Royal Blood) and now needs the support of Com2Us to get World of Zenonia. Let's hope this works out.

    World of Zenonia is scheduled for release for Android and iOS.

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