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    Wilderness Action becomes “Knives Out” and gets an English version

    Wilderness Action, a Battle Royale-style game for Android and iOS, received a partially translated version into English, and became Knives Out. NetEase's game is one of the most similar to Playerunknown's Battlegrounds with the highlight matches with more than 100 players online.

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    The decision to bring the language to English came, according to the company itself, due to the huge feedback they had on the other side of the globe. It is worth remembering, Wilderness Action had only been released in China and neighboring countries. Now about the name of Knives Out, the game is in global beta testing, with the version dubbed the Pioneer Version.

    The translation process is still under development, so don't be surprised to find parts of the game still in Chinese. But most of the interface is already in English, and this helps a lot for players who want to access the game's settings to change graphics, controls, and so on.

    Knives Out updates itself, just open the game and choose the “Language” option in the right corner of the screen. If not, access this post to download the most updated version, directly from the game's official website.

    Knives Out does not yet have a Western release date. But apparently, NetEase will bring the game to the West very soon, as they have already created an English page for the game on Facebook, and in the game, the email for customer support is already in English.

    For those who don't know, NetEase is a Chinese producer that has already brought several games to Google Play Spain. Among them, Crusaders of Light.

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