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    Who is the best Free Fire player today?

    A common doubt among fans of any sport is who is the best player in the world, and with Free Fire it would be no different. Garena's game has become a worldwide fever and in Spain it has thousands of fans of all ages. So, to try to solve the doubts of Battle Royale aficionados, we selected some of the main pro-players today, and for that we based ourselves on their performance in the Free Fire World Series (FFWS).

    With that in mind, we consider that Piyapon “TheCruz” Boonchuay, who defends EVOS Phoenix, is the best Free Fire player in the World in 2021. The 17-year-old pro-player, before playing for Phoenix Force, spent two seasons at Xavier Esports and won the best player award in the Season 2 finals of Pro League Thailand. However, it was only at Phoenix that he showed his full potential, where he became a two-time Pro League champion.

    Meanwhile, in this Season 5, the organization ended up embittering the second position, taking the runner-up after being defeated by eArena Esports. The Free Fire worlds are relatively recent, having their first edition in 2019 - because of this, the list of MVPs (Most Valuable Players) is very short. Being that the MVP of 2021 was exactly TheCruz.

    It is worth remembering that there are prominent Spanish players in the competitive Free Fire scenario, such as Ariano “Kroonos” Ferreira Soares, the MVP of the Free Fire World Cup 2019 and Bruno “Nobru” Goes, who also took the MVP award in the same year, valid by the World Series.


                2022 World Cup has a date and place set

    The 2022 Free Fire World Cup already has a date and location. Both the qualifiers and the grand final will take place between the 14th and 21st of May in Singapore. This will be the third edition of the tournament, which brings together the world's top teams to decide who will be the best team in the world. At FFWS 2021, Phoenix Force, from Thailand, took home the title, as well as a prize pool of $2 million. This was also the first time that a Thai organization won the competition.

    Since its inception, FFWS has attracted an impressive audience, as Free Fire is one of the most popular games today. Because of this, fans, in addition to following the broadcasts of the tournament live, take advantage of the fact that some bookmakers cover eSports competitions to risk some guesses. Since the, compiles the main bonuses and promotions offered by tipping operators, selecting the most beneficial for users.


                eSports tournaments give away millions

    Within the competitive eSports scene, several games share the spotlight, but it is unanimous that Dota 2 is the one that distributes the biggest awards, at least in 2021. According to the Esports Earning website, the game developed by Valve shared in awards little more than US$ 47 million during the year, something around R$ 265 million.

    Most of this amount is related to The International, the Dota 2 world championship, which alone had a total prize pool of US$ 40 million. Other games that also top the list of those that gave out the most awards are Arena of Valor, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends.

    When we talk about Spanish players who have made the most profit this season, the Rainbow Six Siege Nip quintet stands out. The 2021 Six Invitational champions brought home approximately US$202 each, or R$1,1 million. The sumptuous prizes of eSports tournaments are impressive, but the trend is that in the coming years they will continue to increase.

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