Where to Find Cheap L1R1 Triggers (for PUBG on mobile)

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You've probably heard of L1R1 triggers (buttons) from GHMY or Sharpshooter. Specially developed for shooter and survival games like PUBG, Knives out and Rules of Survival. But finding these controls for sale cheap was a problem. Here's where to find a wide variety of L1R1 triggers for Android and iPhone phones, for a price of only R$ 11 reais.

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The best place to buy is at AliExpress. On this site, several models of this type of control are already appearing, some of them quite ingenious, but they all have that scheme in common: taking advantage of the index fingers to add them to the game.

For those who don't understand how this type of control works, watch the video below.


Among them, I recommend the controls of this model. They are very cheap, compact and easy to use. The price offered is per pair (two triggers, right and left). I bought a pair, and now it's praying to arrive.

L1R1 controllers look great in shooting and survival games like PUBG.

I consider this one of the most interesting solutions in terms of control for shooting games. There is a possibility to buy just one trigger, but I recommend buying both.

Link to Buy the pair (L1 and R1)

Also check out other more elaborate models. Some are a little more expensive, but offer a case that guarantees a better grip.

You can also do this type of control at home. See how in the post below.

How to make L and R triggers on your phone using aluminum foil

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