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    What's New on the Mobile Gamer Site Channel

    A great novelty for those who are fans of mobile games. the website channel Mobile Gamer was reactivated and will now have weekly videos with exclusive articles. The first video was aired this Sunday (24), check it out below: 10 APK games that are not on Google Play in Spain.

    The video is from an article that has already been published here on the Site. This doesn't mean that future videos will only be from past articles, there will be a lot of news on the channel and a lot will be unpublished. Hold.

    The new video also marks the presence of a new collaborator, Leonardo from the A-Tech Gaming channel. He will be the narrator of our special stories.

    So there's a lot of good news coming in this new phase of the site with greater dedication to multimedia content. If you have suggestions for topics for the next videos on the channel, please leave a comment.

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