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    What does SX mean in Free Fire?

    Have you ever met a player by the Find out what else this slang and acronym means in Free Fire.

    Which means SX right after many players name. Will it be the clan name? Find it out!

    A special article for you to understand everything about Free Fire.

    What does "sx" mean that people put on FF Nick?

    You may have already encountered players who put sx in the FF nick like this:, and so on.

    The term is widely used mainly by the younger audience, which is precisely the target audience of the game.

    SX" in Free Fire means "Sem Xoro", an adaptation of the phrase "Sem Choro".

    SX can also be interpreted as “No Crying / No Crying”.


    Letters in front or behind the name in Free Fire can mean several things

    However, an acronym right after or in front of a player's name in Free Fire can mean something else too:

    In the examples [CA]Pedrinho or Batoré[CA], the “CA” can mean an abbreviation of the name of the clan or line.


    Free Fire is really full of slang, do you know them all? See some:


    What is Call in Free Fire?

    Another term widely used in Free Fire and which generates a lot of discussion is what “Call” is

    The term comes from the English "Call". Call in Free Fire is the act of defining strategy through in-game voice chat. For example, a player is chosen to “pass the call” and define where the team will fall, where to loot and where to go.

    The "Call" is also used in championships by the team's coach who is in charge of "passing the call" and defining the best strategy for the team.

    What is Line in Free Fire?

    Line in Free Fire is nothing more than the team. Line is the diminutive of Line-up, which from English would have a free translation as “cast”.

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