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    What does GF mean in Free Fire? Find it out! [GLOSSARY OF SLANGS]

    Have you ever heard people commenting about GF on Free Fire and don't know what it means? Know what it means!

    What is GF in Free Fire

    GF does not mean Free Fire “GozoFone”. The term is used lewdly among ADULTS, with the intention of distracting other players.

    The most common example of GF is when a girl starts moaning or flirting in chat during a Free Fire match, deconcentrating the team or other players. But this is not restricted to just the female sex, men can also practice “GF”.

    GF can also be used to make a funny video.

    Example of a girl doing “GF” on Free Fire in this video here.

    What is GF on WhatsApp?

    The term GF became common in adult content discords and WhatsApp conversations.

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    [originally published January 17, 2021]

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