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    Water Cooler with Heatsink for Smartphone? Yea! It Exists!

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    If you usually use your smartphone for “heavy” gaming (like us), you must have noticed that any model, without a case, gets a little hot. Some older cell phones get so hot they feel like they're going to burn our hands. 2016 models, for example.

    With that in mind, some inventors from China came up with a water cooler for cell phones. The gambiarra can be attached directly to the back of the smartphone or in a case.

    The result is the hack below that, from a laptop, has nothing.

    You buy the sink.
    But you need to assemble the workaround with hoses, pump and water cooler (radiator).
    There is this more “portable” version.
    This one glued the gambiarra straight to the Mi Mix.

    – How does the product come to your home?

    According to the Aliexpress page itself, the gambiarra does not come cheap. User will have to buy the Heatsink and Water Cooler Kit separately. Just the heatsink costs from R$121 to R$197 reais.

    The buyer will have to define whether he wants a small copper plate or a larger one, which covers the entire back of the smartphone.

    The Radiator Kit + Water Cooler + Pump + hoses costs around R$ 160 reais.

    – More importantly… does it work?

    According to user tests cr4zyw3ld3r, on Youtube, the hack works yes, and tends to decrease the temperature of your smartphone by around 10 degrees.

    In the test, with a Razer Phone, cr4zyw3ld3r played PUBG Mobile for 10 minutes without the device. The device arrived at the outside temperature of 98° F (around 36° C). But when he used the hack, the temperature dropped to something around 29°C.

    A nice reduction, right?

    However, there may be some problems.

    As it is a hack, there are no guarantees for potential accidents. For example, if your smartphone is not waterproof and some connection breaks and water splashes everywhere.

    There is also the possibility of condensation on the other side of the heatsink, or inside the device (wanted to know from the physicists on duty if this is possible?).


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