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    WarStrike – mission shooter for Android

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    Carlos Laforet Coll
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    WarStrike is a shooting game for android with a first-person view and that has been attracting a lot of players' attention. One offline game, full of missions and free of charge.

    Since converting the Modern Combat franchise into a multiplayer shooter (and only that), as with Modern Combat Versus, Android shooter fans haven't had much to celebrate. Singleplayer-themed game projects are rare. Even more focused on offline gameplay.

    Earlier this year we had a surprise with BattleOps, and now we have another with WarStrike. Although it is much less ambitious than BattleOps, WarStrike offers the same proposal, a game with missions in which you command the character and go through a level full of enemies.

    WarStrike has a very simple gameplay. The challenge follows the proposal of free games free to play, the beginning being very easy, and then the difficulty increases. The good part is that it's not a game with waves of enemies. You really walk through the phase.

    It seems that the game's producer thought of it as a Battle Royale-style online multiplayer game, but the fact that it had a campaign made many players enjoy the game. With that, the “multiplayer” and “sniper” modes were left for later.

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    Interesting project with a lot ahead

    WarStrike still has some problems like the “slow” sensitivity and the support for Bluetooth controllers, which has not yet been fully implemented and only works on some controllers. The story also leaves some points to be desired. However, it is an interesting project and one that will certainly yield good results in the future.



    Developer: GameFrame Studio
    Advertising: No | Offline Game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 4.4
    Language: English | Size: 70MB

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