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    Warhammer: Odyssey is an old-fashioned MMORPG for Android and iOS

    Virtual Realms has released its fantastic MMO Warhammer: Odyssey. The game arrives after a period of beta testing on iOS and Android. Odyssey is now available globally for download in a “soft launch” open to the public. The game immediately stands out for its “classy” style, with no automatic button and free economy.

    “This thread is now a Warhammer thread”. Warhammer: Odyssey is an old-fashioned MMO coming to Android and iOS. (Photo: Publicity)

    Warhammer: Odyssey is an open world MMO set in the Warhammer universe, where you travel to iconic Old World locations. You can explore the bustling port of Marienberg, the contaminated Drakwald forest and other notable places like this.

    Because it's an MMO, of course you'll be able to play with your friends online, form guilds and much more. With a universe so vast and rich in both tabletop RPGs and video games, I'm amazed that it took so long for a Warhammer Mobile MMO to emerge

    One of the highlights of this game will be its economy. Unlike other mobile MMOs focused on ripping $$ from the player, in Warhammer: Odyssey you can take your loot to the Auction House to sell and become a Master of Commerce.


    In terms of character creation, there are three races to play as: human, elf, and dwarf, and you can choose from six classes: Witch Hunter, Archmage, Slayer, Engineer, Shadow Warrior, and Warrior Priest.



    Developer: Virtual Realms Pte. Ltd.
    Advertising: No | Online game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 5.0 / iOS 10.0
    Language: English | Size: 2GB

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