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    Vulkan demo shows Playstation 4 and Xbox One graphics on Galaxy S7

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    During the Galaxy Unpacked 2016, an event held by Samsung to announce its new top-of-the-line smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S7 e S7 Edge, Unreal, in partnership with Samsung, presented a technical demo of U running on Galaxy S7 with optimization of the Volcano. Watch the video below.

    Just to remind you that the video is rendered in real time, that is, it is not the Galaxy S7 running a video, but a software that produces the graphics in real time, as if it were a game. The main highlight of the video, in addition to Tessellation, and the presence of particles, one of the great innovations in graphics on the latest consoles such as Playstation 4 e Xbox One.

    Check out a translation with what was said in the presentation.

    鈥淭his scene was rendered in real-time using the Unreal Engine. It's running live, and the operator is right here in the audience. Thanks to the new Vulkan API, we can render objects four times faster than in OpenGL, enabling high-end graphics with low power consumption.

    Now, this is a simulation of celestial mechanics. Meteors are colliding and coalescing enhanced by particle system, emissive materials, dynamic shaders, and other physics-based rendering effects. Features that were once only possible on a high-end gaming console now run on a device that fits in your pocket. "

    With Vulkan, the new generation of mobile games was launched, with even more incredible graphics. Of course, it is a new generation that will only be used by high-end and intermediate devices. Google will probably also make a presentation of Vulkan when announcing Android 7.

    Source: DualShockers

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