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    Vita3K: PS Vita emulator on Android now runs games!

    PS Vita emulator for Android shows great progress and can already run some games!

    And emulating old video games on Android is one of the hottest topics right now. The emulators available like AetherSX2 (PS2) and EGG NS (Switch) do not stop surprising with great evolutions. But this time it was the PS Vita emulator that already demonstrates a great advance.

    As we reported in a previous article, a Macdu developer is working on converting the emulator Vita3K from PC to Android.

    The progress in the process of converting the emulator from the x86 architecture (PC) to arm64 (smartphones) can be seen in the recent video he published that already shows the emulator running the game Tales of Hearts R, an action RPG released for PS Vita in 2014.

    The video is not on Youtube, but you can see it at the link below:

    According to developer Macdu, he is currently testing the emulator on a POCO F3 and it is running some games very well.

    It will still be a while before players can get their hands on the PS Vita emulator for Android, but development is happening very quickly.

    He also released an image from the game Persona 4: Dancing All Night, the same one you can see below.

    About Vita3K

    Vita3K is a PS Vita emulator for Windows and Linux. The Android version is not yet available for the public to test, but it is expected to have the same compatibility in the future as the PC version which already supports around 335 games.


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