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    Vita3K: PS Vita emulator for Android gives "sign of life"

    As with the emulation of PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Switch, whose progress we can follow here and here, the evolution of the PS Vita emulator is starting.

    But before you jump for joy, be warned that the development of the emulator is still at a very early stage of its development. It doesn't expect to run games on Android, at least not this year.

    The unknown developer nicknamed Macdu presented the screenshot of the emulator rendering on the Vulkan API.

    Vulkan API rendering (well, at least for the interface) and reading Android assets is done. Now I'm going to implement a way to open dialog files like NFDe that don't work on Android.

    It's important to note that the image above is not of the emulator running on an Android device, but rather a compiler debugger running x86 instructions. In other words, it is not yet the emulator running on the mobile.

    In case you're wondering, the developer of this emulator is the same as the Vita3K PC.

    Also according to the developer, it was just a test, but he will rewrite the code to compile on the ARM architecture, which is the architecture of smartphone and tablet processors.

    That's all for now. It is worth remembering that there is no PS Vita emulator for Android that works so far. Do not believe in APKs out there, as most of them can even be viruses.

    Want to follow the project closely? You can follow the developer and follow the development of the emulator through Vita3K's Discord.

    Also check out the PC version which is already showing a lot of results. O Vita3K emulator official site It even has a Spanish version.

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