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    Videos with Funny Moments and Clash Royale bugs

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    In the game Clash Royale It's a lot of fun when everything goes right. But what happens when something bizarre happens? See a collection of videos with bugs, glitches and funny moments. We've put together the best channels for you to laugh a lot at the craziest situations.

    In the video below, the funniest event is the "locks" that the player can make on enemy troops preventing attacks in a totally hilarious way (Put the video at 3:47 and you'll understand)

    In the next video, the highlight is the naughty Sparky drifting to kill the enemy tower (right at the beginning). Besides that, there's another funny moment (at 3:10) The player misses two spells in a hilarious way, this one deserves to drop trophies.

    Another video with funny moments from Clash Royale. This time, with highlights for bugs and strange animations of troops like Hog Rider, Executioner and others.

    In the videos themselves are links to the channels that produce this type of content. To find more videos like this, just type on Youtube “Funny Moments Clash Royale” or “Glitches Clash Royale”, a lot of video will appear. Good fun.

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