Utopia Origin: A Survival MMO Coming Soon (Android and iOS)

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Carlos Laforet Coll
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Utopia Origin is an Online Multiplayer game by Hero game. With a focus on survival, this game goes far in fantasy and bets on a more optimistic theme than other games of the genre. Utopia: Origin is now available in some countries with versions for Android and iOS.

As its name says. Utopia takes place in a perfect world, a true wonderland. But it is obvious that this paradise would not stay like this for long. The player has to deal with monsters that try to destroy the harmony of the place.

It looks like an MMORPG, but the survival elements are the game's strengths. You need to keep an eye on health, thirst, hunger and fire levels. There is a cooking system that is very reminiscent of games like Last Day on Earth: Survival.


Download Link (IPHONE)

Download Link (ANDROID)

Advertising: No | Online game
Contains built-in purchases: Yes
Requires Android 4.4 / iOS 8.0
Language: English | Size: 500 MB



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