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    Unused Samsung cell phones are “swelling” out of nowhere, says youtuber

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    One of the most well-known youtubers in the Tech world, Arun “Mrwhosetheboss” Maini, with more than 11 million subscribers, published a video this Tuesday (27), where he warns that Samsung smartphones are getting “bloated” out of nowhere.

    Even a “new” smartphone, like the Galaxy S20 FE, which was kept for 18 months, started to swell the battery. (Photo: Mrwhosetheboss channel)

    According to Arun, four of his cell phones have this problem. But calm down! Before you panic, be warned that only smartphones that are stored for a long time are having this problem.

    NOTICE: only smartphones that are stored for a long time are having this problem.

    According to the youtuber, he thought it was a fluke and that he just had bad luck. But when contacting other youtubers in the tech world, he realized that many are experiencing the same problem.


    Below you can check out the video. Despite not having Spanish subtitles, it is possible to use the transcription with subtitles from Youtube.


    And what's wrong?

    According to Arun's video, and with the help of another well-known youtuber, Jerry Rig Everything, when stored for a long time, unused, the batteries of Samsung smartphones are swelling.

    The problem seems to affect any smartphone in the Galaxy line, from the S6 to the current ones.

    According to Jerry Rig Everything the problem consists of some error in Samsung's quality control. An electrolyte (liquid inside the battery) is decomposing faster than it should, and this decomposition releases gases that make the battery of branded cell phones swell.

    However, the conditions for reproducing this problem are very specific. In general terms, the smartphone must be stored without charge for more than a year, without any type of use.


    And does it affect any Samsung smartphone?

    Most likely not. In my personal experience, I have a tablet and two old cell phones of the brand stored away and neither had this problem. The oldest is a Galaxy Core prime I've had since 2014 and despite not working, it didn't swell the battery.


    Still a serious problem for Samsung

    Although the problem does not affect the vast majority of the population and is only an issue for those who keep old cell phones for a long time, this is quite a problem for Samsung. Mainly in marketing matters.

    The Korean giant already has a serious problem on its curriculum that affected the Galaxy Note 7 line. To make matters worse, for Samsung, youtubers have not been able to replicate the problem in other brands.

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