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    Unkilled: Shooting game gets update with Multiplayer PvP

    Unkilled, the Dead Trigger 2 pseudo-sequel received a major update this week. Developed by Madfinger Games, the shooting game for Android and iOS has been greatly modified. In addition to removing the power limiter, the game gained new modes, including online multiplayer.

    Now, the player will have much more to do in Unkilled. In addition to the campaign mode, which has an action-packed story, it will also be possible to face other players in the PvP multiplayer mode. Added 12 new weapons and 8 new gadgets. There are two more new solo modes: Operation Skirmish and Special Missions.

    With so many new features, Unkilled became that game that should have been released in 2015. But this is proof that the producer Madfinger Games listened to the players and implements what is requested. All news is very welcome. However, the game remains online.

    Update notes:

    New PvP multiplayer mode! Face off against other players on rooftops in a special arena. Fight against other players in special missions. Choose from five characters and twelve new weapons. Enjoy reward boxes, an improved weapon system and much more! Fight for ranking glory in new PvP tournaments and progress through campaign mode to earn a special reward!

    *Customize and upgrade your character with new skill trees and new prestige system! Gather Information to get points, skills and prestige.
    *New reward boxes. Open it to find valuable items including DNA and blueprints.
    *12 new weapons – G36 Spec Ops, Barrett M82 A2, Mossberg 590, Glock 17 Tactical, LSAT SpecOps and many more.
    *8 new gadgets
    *Improved campaign missions with customizable 3-star objectives.
    *New aiming and running systems.
    *With the 3D Touch option on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S you can press harder for additional effects.
    *Improved story mode missions.
    *Skirmish missions with three difficulties.
    *New leaderboard for PvP and prestige.

    Links to download Unkillied on Android e iOS

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