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    Undecember gets a fantastic new trailer (Android and iOS)

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    The arrival of a new Hack 'N Slash action RPG developed by the partnership between LINE Games and Needs Games has been announced. Entitled Undecember, the new game for Android, iOS and PC has been gaining momentum and promises to face off against Diablo Immortal.

    We have separated the main information for players to know a little more about this next great game.

    What is Undecember?

    Undecember is a Korean Hack 'N Slash Action RPG developed by LINE Games in partnership with Needs Games with a focus on skill customization without the need for classes.

    The game is being developed in Unreal Engine 4 and draws a lot of attention for the high quality of its graphics and gameplay presented so far in trailers and teasers. Check out a promotional video featuring Undecember's skills and gameplay:


    Undecember will have versions for Android, iOS and PC.

    Undecember gameplay

    Undecember has customizations and skills, without focusing on classes, which allows the player to adjust their skills according to their taste and way of playing. The game also offers combinations of various skills and items.

    Game modes were also posted on TapTap's website with PvE, multiplayer including Party Dungeons coop, Raids and competitive PvP.

    In addition, it is undeniable that the developers were inspired by, or have similarities with, the games in the Blizzard franchise, both in graphics and in gameplay, which makes it the perfect rival for Diablo Immortal.


    Emerged from the void, 12 gods joined together to create Traum, which allowed them to live peacefully among their descendants. One day, a 13th being manifested from the shadows of these 12 divine beings, bringing evil to the world.

    This 13th being called Serpens with the nickname “the Heretic God” forced the 12 gods to try to stop him with runes and magical essences, but to no avail. Finally, there was only one alternative left, to return to the void and take Serpens with them.

    Later, Traum's descendants brought the gods back, but with them, Serpens sneaks into the shadows.

    What platforms will Undecember be released for?

    Undecember is coming to both mobile devices and PCs via Steam. In addition, it has been confirmed that there will be crossplay between the three platforms (iOS, Android and PC).

    When will Undecember be released?

    Undecember arrives in 2021 with versions for Android, iOS and PC. Last week it was also announced that a test will take place this semester. Along with the test, the visuals of characters and monsters in the game will also be presented.

    Will Undecember come to the West?

    Apparently the game will come to the west, mainly because it confirms the English language, and can be expanded with the updates.

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