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    Undawn: all about Garena's new open world survival game

    Single handed is an open world survival game developed by Lightspeed & Quantum (Tencent studio) and Garena, both of which are behind the most popular Battle Royale games on mobile devices, Free Fire (Garena) and PUBG Mobile (Tencent) .

    The game already has a lot of popularity and is awaited by many players, who in turn still have doubts about this great mobile game in development. So let's clarify the most relevant information and everything that is most important so far about Undawn.

    What is it?

    Undawn is an exploration game with a huge open world where we live in a post-apocalyptic society with factions, monsters, zombies and other players trying to risk their survival.

    Developers place a lot of emphasis on scenarios and environments, making gameplay immersive and rich in detail. In addition to PvE against zombies and monsters, players need to be aware of other players or ally with them, which makes the PvP factor very interesting.

    Teamwork becomes extremely important for exploration and resource gathering, for fighting gangs and surviving.

    The game is expected to be released on both Android and iOS.

    How is Undawn Gameplay?

    As a good old post-apocalyptic survival game, Undawn has several features present in these genres, such as crafting, hunting and animals, resources and materials. It will also be possible to build your own fort.

    The game features third-person shooter (or TPS) and various weapons, both melee and firearms. Day, night and weather cycles are present in Undawn, where zombies roam at night, forcing players to return to their respective shelters.

    Check out a gameplay:


    Vehicles are also present in Garena's game, with different types and in need of supply. The audio part of the vehicles also looks very promising, as the developers themselves have shared on the game's official networks the effort and audio capture of real vehicles for inspiration.

    “We traveled to Santa Pod Raceway to capture audio and inspiration from different motorcycles, trucks, jeeps and monster trucks!”


    Open world

    Another element with a huge focus on the part of the devs is the open world. In an FAQ one of the players waiting for Undawn asked the creators:

    “What was the biggest challenge in creating the open world of Undawn?”

    The developers responded that one of the most difficult challenges was the weather system, as they still thought about maintaining performance, in addition to the fact that an open world game doesn't necessarily need loading screens.

    The work done and publicized about this world is something very believable and vast. In addition to the different environments, the scenarios are alive, with herds of animals and monster interactions. With each new trailer or teaser it seems like they are showing another game, because of the amount of different scenarios, showing, apparently, one of the biggest worlds of mobile games. Check out a small trailer showing some of these maps:

    The vast open world makes it seem that Garena and Tencent's goal is for the player to get lost in so many details and environments shown so far, however, we can only confirm the quality with the launch of the game.



    The graphics presented are also much superior when compared to the featured games of the two companies (Free Fire and PUBG Mobile). Lighting, graphic quality and texture complexity are factors that we cannot leave out. Check out another gameplay:

    Will Undawn be free?

    Yes, Undawn will be free to play, as of press time. Following the market logic presented by the Pocket Gamer website, it is very likely that this and any game from both companies will be free. That said, we're pretty sure microtransactions are present within the game, just like other free games.


    What platforms will Undawn be released for?

    According to the Pocket Gamer website, Tencent confirmed the arrival of Undawn for Android, IOS and PC, but we did not find this information.


    When will Undawn be released?

    There is still no official date revealed, but it is possible that there is still a lot of ground to go as the game was in Beta Test in China a short time ago.


    Undawn coming to the west?

    It seems that the game will arrive in the west since there are official social networks for the game in English, which usually does not happen when the game is going to be exclusive to a country or region.


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