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    Tutorial on how to check your Android Hardware

    When we talk about any gaming device, whether mobile or even PC, one of the most important parts, if not the most important, is the hardware. Processors, GPUs, RAM, HD or SSD are extremely important and allow the operation of any device.

    With games it's no different, as certain hardware is required to play some more complex and heavy titles. Unfortunately we do not have all the hardware information available on the phone. That's where we come in, teaching you quickly how to see the specifications, both processor and RAM memory, among other important information in the Android.

    Step 1. Install the CPU-Z app from the Play Store. The software has the function of identifying processor, RAM memory, among other important information about your device. It was originally released for PC in 2001. It is worth remembering that your device needs to have at least Android 2.2 to install the application and it is only possible to do the process on Android devices, without iOS support.

    Step 2. After downloading, accept the internet access permissions, if you agree. The developer behind the APP releases its specifications in the company's own database, hence the need for internet access.

    Step 3. Now just look for the information you want to know, or even see all the specifications about your device's hardware, including processors, system, battery, about the device itself, storage, RAM memory and the like.

    Step 4. Leave your feedback here in the comments and let us know if it worked or not!


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