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    Tutorial: How to make an Ipega controller recognized as MOGA PRO (Updated 2016)

    Ipega controllers have a special configuration that allows them to be identified as MOGA controllers. See how to perform this trick in this tutorial.

    With the process described below, games will recognize Ipega controllers (PG-9025, 9023, 9028, etc.) joystick Moga Pro.

    The main advantage is greater compatibility with games from famous companies like Gameloft and others. The tip is ideal for first-person shooter games.

    Step 1. Access the link to download or "My Ipega Game Center“. The official website is all in Chinese. As well as the tutorial do Joystick Wamo Pro.

    Step 2. After downloading, install and open the application “My Ipega Game Center“. Remembering that Android settings to accept apps from unknown sources must be active. When started, “My Ipega Games” turns on the bluetooth of your smartphone or tablet.

    Step 3. On this screen, tap on “Bitgames IME” and on the screen that will appear, tap on “Bitgames IME”. Android will display a standard warning message, warning you that the input method may capture sensitive information, but you don't need to worry. This information arises because My iPega Games is also a keyboard replacement application.

    Step 4. On the next button “Default Input Method”, Select the default input method by tapping on the “Bitgames IME” option.

    What we've done here is to select the Bitgames IME layout as Android's default input method. That is, we configure the buttons on the controller to be the standard keyboard input.

    Step 5. Go back to the “Language and Input” settings (from your phone). Tap Bitgames IME. An entire screen in Chinese will appear.

    Step 6. Tap on the first item (which has number 1) and choose your controller. Then tap on item number 3 and choose option 1.

    Step 7. Now, turn on the Ipega joystick control by pressing the “X” button and then the “Home” button. The central led will be blinking.

    Step 8. In the “My Ipega Games” app, slide your finger over the bottom bar until you find the “My Device” option.

    Step 9. Under “My Device, tap on “Add Gamepad” so that your Ipega controller is recognized. The process takes a while. At the end of the process, the joystick led will stop flashing and will always remain on.

    Step 10. After completing the application will present a black screen to test the control. Move the sticks and press the buttons to test the controller.


    Step 11. Now just enjoy the games. This method of configuring the Ípega PG-9025 also works on emulators, preventing the player from having to revert to the gamepad's default configuration method (Power on with X+Home).

    Final considerations

    Once the process is carried out, just turn on the joystick and start the “My Ipega Games” application and the pairing will be automatic. As for the keyboard that “My Ípega Games” configures on your Android, at any time you can switch to the default keyboard. To do this just tap the keyboard on the notification bar or through the configuration options.

    • Compatible games? To see the list of Android games that are supported by MOGA Pro, see this link.
    • Doesn't Ípega PG-9017 work? I don't know, maybe yes or no. As soon as I test it I'll let you know.
    • Where to buy? The Ípega PG-9025 is for sale on sites like Gear Best and Free Market. I recommend Gear Best, it is very cheap on this site, only R$ 65 reais, the downside is that the control will come from China and will take three to six weeks.



    [originally published March 23, 2014]

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