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    Tutorial: How to configure Wamo Pro to be recognized as a MOGA PRO controller

    The control Joystick Wamo Pro to Android has a setting that allows games to recognize it as a controller MOGA PRO. The trick makes it possible to expand the range of compatible games, especially famous titles like Modern Combat 4, Dead Trigger 2, GTA San Andreas and many others.

    Step 1. Access the link to download the Game Launcher. You can download directly from official site.

    Step 2. After downloading the game launcher, install the application, it is worth remembering that the Android settings for “applications from unknown sources” must be enabled.

    Step 3. Once installed, open Game Launcher.

    Step 4. With the application open, tap the green button symbolized by a joystick.

    Step 5. It will open another screen, for you to install another application, OpenPad.

    Step 6. The OpenPad application actually configures Wamo. Just install and open the app.

    Step 7. Turn on your smartphone's bluetooth and make it visible to all devices.

    Step 8. Now, turn on the Wamo Pro controller by pressing the Y button first and then the home button.

    Step 9. No smartphone, tap the icon with a plus sign for the controller to be recognized by Android as a MOGA PRO controller. The process takes a while.

    The flashing lights on the Wamo Pro joystick will go off and only the third light from left to right will remain. After that, just enjoy the MOGA PRO compatible games. A list of compatible games can be accessed on the MOGA website.


    - Final considerations

    Once configured, it is not necessary to do the process again, just turn on the control, pressing the “Home” button and the smartphone's bluetooth. In some cases it is necessary to open OpenPad again and tap the “+” button.

    The trick to make Wamo Pro recognized by games as MOGA PRO does not require root. But the MOGA application must NOT be installed. The reason is that the official MOGA application conflicts with OpenPad. So don't use the MOGA app to see compatible games, just use the official website (click here to stop).

    Credits: Our thanks to the community folks "Galaxy Note 3 Spain" at the Google+ and especially to the user Zhivago, who gave us the tip.

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