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    Tutorial – How to buy games for Android in Amazon Store

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    Ideal for anyone using the FreeMyApps application, it is now possible buy paid apps for free, without spending anything.

    The app store of The Amazon has not yet arrived in Spain, but it is already possible, through the tutorial below, to buy games in the American version from Amazon and transfer them to your device.

    Why is this useful if there is Google Play?

    The Amazon app store, known as Amazon Apps or Amazon Appstore has several paid app promotions. There, more often than on Google Play, some paid application is free.

    The store is also ideal for using the credits earned in the app. FreeMyApps, exchanging credits for Amazon giftcards and then buying games and apps.



    Step 1. Download and install the app from Amazon (link here).

    Step 2. Log in with an American Amazon account, don't worry about the address, it can be national. If you don't have an account, create one.

    Step 3. As this is still an experimental method, the trick varies from device to device, but it consists of the following. You must access the “desktop” version of the American Amazon store ( and buy an app/game, whether it is paid or free (to test start with the free ones). For this you must access the site through the Desktop or through a browser on your device that supports switching to the site's desktop mode (Example Dolphin).

    Step 2. When you tap on the one-click purchase option, your device should be listed, it appears when you download. When you complete the purchase, a green frame will appear on the right telling you how to access the app.

    Step 5. On your smartphone or tablet, you must launch the Amazon Appstore application and tap the menu button on your device and choose the “My Apps” option.

    Step 6. On the “My Apps” screen choose the “Cloud” option and you will see a list of purchased apps. Then just click on “Download” in the chosen app/game for the Download to start.

    In a short time you will receive an email with your purchase receipt. Sometimes it takes a while for the app to appear in the “Cloud” option, around 5 minutes.


    Tested and approved

    Through the method above, I was able to purchase some games for my cell phone, using FreeMyApps credits. If you have any questions, use the comment space below. This tip I saw in Android Spain community on Google+. I highly recommend anyone who has Android to add people to the circle, there are only nice people there.



    [originally published May 25, 2013]

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