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    Tropico is finally released for Android

    Tropico is a strategy and simulation game that involves politics and a lot of humor. In charge of a small country, the player will have to choose between being a dictator or helping to receive help from the capitalist empire. The game is available on PC, iOS and now comes to Android for the not-cheap price of R$60,99.

    But the value is only worth it if you have a good tablet to enjoy all the dynamics of the administration of this small island. The game has many construction options and even a “plant” mode, where you define how the streets will be, drawing on the tablet.

    But the dictatorial side was not left out. In times of intense politics, Tropico offers us options that are at least questionable. How about inspiring the lives of citizens? Find out who is in the service of the opposition and have them executed.

    Another rather questionable option is the possibility of dealing with atomic matter. But be careful not to create a nuclear bomb, or the world powers will want your neck.

    – Made for the few

    Like other Feral Interactive games, Tropico does not run on any smartphone or tablet. The game is made for high-end devices from 2017 onwards. Any intermediary will “suffer” to run the game or will be marked as incompatible on Google Play.

    See a quick list of compatible devices.

    Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2 XL, Google Pixel 3, Google Pixel 3 XL, Google Pixel 3a, Google Pixel 3a XL, HTC U12+Huawei Honor 10, Huawei Mate 10, Huawei Mate 20, LG V30+, Meizu X8, Motorola Moto Z2 Force, Nokia 8, OnePlus 5T, OnePlus 6T, Razer Phone, Samsung Galaxy S8 (USA/China), Samsung Galaxy Note8 (USA/China), Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy Note9, Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10+, Samsung Galaxy S10e, Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact, Xiaomi Mi 6, Xiaomi Pocophone F1, Samsung Galaxy S8 (Europe), and Galaxy Note8.

    - Worth downloading

    Anyone who is a fan of politics, debates about right or left, communism vs capitalism, will laugh a lot with this game. A satire of politics with many bizarre options.

    Download na Google Play (ANDROID)

    Developer: Feral Interactive
    Advertising: No | OFFLINE game
    Contains built-in purchases: Yes
    Requires Android 8.0
    Language: English | Size: 2.5 GB

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