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    Triggers and Gamepad of “camelô” for mobile. Worth it?

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    Carlos Laforet Coll
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    Import triggers and gamepads or shop at popular malls? These gadgets, which improve gameplay in games like Free Fire and PUBG Mobile, have become the crowd's favorites. See if it's worth buying in Spain.

    It became almost unanimous among players the use of these pieces of plastic to improve gameplay in games like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire.

    Those who have a small cell phone or don't know how to play with the "4-finger hud", use triggers to improve the commands. Other players make use of gamepads to improve the smartphone's grip

    – “Gambiarras” that work

    At first, they may look ugly and gangly. But these gadgets really do their job. The biggest one is to offer comfort for those who will play for several hours.

    The only question is: is it worth buying these gadgets in Spain? We will see.

    – Prices in Spain are higher

    The kit I bought consists of a gamepad to improve the grip and a pair of triggers. They were purchased separately at two stores in a popular mall.

    • The pair of triggers cost R$ 15 reais.
    • The Gamepad was purchased for R$20 reais.

    Total: R$ 35 reais.

    The prices of gamepads and triggers in imported stores on the internet are much cheaper. You can buy the same kit I bought for R$18 reais.

    Gamepad and triggers can already be found in many places in Spain.

    – Trigger quality is an issue

    When focusing on the low price of triggers, quality will be your main issue. The thing is, a lot of these gadgets are problematic.

    Last year we tested the first models of these triggers, and they were pretty bad.

    The best triggers are the ones from GameSir and these more robust models (here and here). The trigger models, which are entirely in black plastic, are of variable quality. Many of them already come with some defect.

    When buying at a street vendor or popular mall, it is possible to know immediately if it will work or not. My advice is to test before you buy. This is the main advantage of purchasing in Spain.

    Triggers of this type are a “lottery”, some work, some don't.

    The triggers I bought, I tested before and I could feel a nice click when I pressed them. After two weeks, they are still working, but the validity of this type of gadget is indeterminate.

    – Gamepads are really worth it

    While the triggers seem like a “gimmick” to me, these gamepad cases won me over.

    The quality of this type of product does not vary much. Most pass the test. In practice, they are just pieces of plastic.

    The function of this type of gadget is to improve the grip. With it, the player's fingers are at a more level height in relation to the virtual buttons. In addition, they have the function of making us have less contact with the surface of the smartphone, which usually heats up after a few hours of playing.

    Some models of this type of “Gamepad Case” come with a rubber analog stick on the left side. This analog stick is exactly on the finger that stays on the screen the longest. This helps a lot to smooth out fatigue in case the smartphone gets too hot.

    Gamepads are excellent cases that improve the “footprint” of the cell phone.

    I must admit that this piece of plastic, which I thought was useless, surprised me. Even the most shoddy model of gamepad proved to be a good support for long hours of gameplay.

    It is also worth mentioning that this type of gamepad improves the grip in any game that needs the screen in “landscape” mode.

    Buying such a gamepad from a street vendor doesn't need much mystery. Just test it at the time of purchase to see if the mechanism “stretches” and see if it fits your smartphone. Also check if the headphone output and power cable input are clear.

    - Conclusion

    As long as you can test the products before you buy, there's not much problem in acquiring gamepads and triggers in popular malls, physical stores and even street vendors. In this branch of “gambiarra to play”, only GameSir gadgets are “branded”. The others that are sold in stores like GearBest, Banggood and Aliexpress are the same gifts in much of Spain.

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