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    Tower of Fantasy will be released on August 10th on Android and iOS

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    Tower of Fantasy has a confirmed release date: August 10

    Tower of Fantasy, the next open-world RPG, will launch on August 10th. The information matches the prediction we made in a previous article with a deadline posted on the game's App Store page.

    The official release date of Tower of Fantasy is August 11, a Thursday, but as is common for mobile release, the game may be available as early as Wednesday night (10).

    Tower of Fantasy is currently in pre-registration on Android, iOS and PC. The game will be released simultaneously on all platforms with Spanish versions.

    Developed by Hotta Studio and Perfect World Games and to be published globally by Tencent Games.


    Guaranteed success

    Many games have been bidding to be the next “hit open world RPG” on mobile. But whenever they are released, games with many automatic modes are revealed.

    At least in this regard, players can rest easy, Tower of Fantasy is a “real game” without automatic modes and automatic missions that spoil the gameplay.

    The game is successful in China, and globally it has already reached the mark of 3 million downloads. Yes, it is still far from the success of Genshin Impact, but it is already a good option for those who are tired of the journey in Teyvat.

    Tower of Fantasy's footprint is a little more "adult" with a futuristic look and plot.


    Similar but not the same

    Although similar to Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy has several different things. Amongst them:

    • Raids with the highest number of players
    • PvP Mode
    • futuristic plot
    • You control only one character


    DESTAQUES de Tower of Fantasy:

    • open world RPG
    • An anime art style with post-apocalyptic science fiction
    • Detailed character creation systems
    • Immersive and electrifying combat
    • Open world exploration
    • Real-world physics (climbing, gliding, swimming)
    • Cooperative multiplayer mode

    The pre-registrations for tower of fantasy are still open on the official website, in addition to Steam, Epic Games Store, App Store and Google Play.

    To learn more about tower of fantasy and redeem in-game rewards, visit the official websitel or check out the official channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube and Discord.



    Link para Download no Android

    Link para Download no iOS

    Link para Download no PC (STEAM)

    Link para Download no PC (EPIC)


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