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    Tower of Fantasy gets Spanish website and possible release date

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    tower of fantasy, the newest open world RPG which will be released to cell phones and PC soon launched its pre-registration website. Along with the website, pre-registration on iOS was also launched, where it is already possible to stipulate a release date of global for the game.


    The pre-registration website:

    Pre-registration rewards:

    • 500K Subscribers: Astra Frame ×1, Purple Core ×2, Wholemeal Bread ×10, Gold ×2888.
    • 1 million jinscripts: Limited Title ×1, Purple Core ×3, Fried Chicken ×10, Gun Battery III ×4.
    • 1,5 million subscribers: Golden Core ×3, Avatar: Zeke ×1, Sizzling Flesh ×10, Gold ×3888.
    • 2 Million Subscribers: Jet Backpack Paint: Orion ×1, Gold Core ×3, Crispy Grilled Fish ×10, Gun Battery III ×4.
    • 2,5 million subscribers: Outfit: Star Sand ×1, golden core ×4, chestnut tea ×10, gold ×6888.


    It is worth remembering that these rewards are for pre-registration on the website and also in app stores such as Google Play and App Store.

    Tower of Fantasy release date

    According to the game's App Store page, Tower of Fantasy's release date is set for August 11, 2022.


    Tower of Fantasy will be in Spanish? 

    While the Tower of Fantasy beta was in English, many players who tested the game were left with this doubt.

    Tower of Fantasy is coming to the west in partnership with Tencent (Level Infinite), Perfect World Games and Hotta Studio.

    As it is a Chinese game that is arriving in the West in a hurry, it seems natural that the first tests of the game are in English.

    However, given Tencent's popularity, and the fact that all of its games are translated into Spanish from Spain, the likelihood of Tower of Fantasy being translated into PT-BR is very high. It may be that on launch day, Tower of Fantasy will gain localization for our language.


    Platforms and locations to download Tower of Fantasy

    Tower of Fantasy will be released for Android, iOS and PC devices. The game already has download pages on Google Play, App Store, Steam and Epic Games.

    The massive presence in several game stores is another indication that Tencent wants to arrive with “heaviness” and make Tower of Fantasy one of the great releases of the year 2022 for mobile and PC.

    • Pre-registration in the App Store
    • Pre-registration in Google Play
    • Pre-register on Steam
    • Pre-registration in the Epic Games store

    Want to know more about the game? See our post ALL ABOUT TOWER OF FANTASY.

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