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    Tower of Fantasy Codes – redeem code October 2022

    Tower of Fantasy is a fantasy-themed action MMORPG with its own set of free codes that gives you potent gear and features that you will no doubt need.

    Available for mobile and PC, and is published by Level Infinite, a division of Chinese gaming giant Tencent Games. It has many similarities with another gacha game you may already know.. cough cough Genshin. Freebies can be especially useful during the first few hours of gameplay as you explore the beautiful alien planet that serves as the backdrop for the Tower of Fantasy.

    Active codes for Tower of Fantasy

    Last checked: October 14th

    Here are all the currently active codes for Tower of Fantasy:

    9A98W5P0 – 1x Gold Core
    9AA5GFYG – 8.888 gold, 1x SR Relic Fragments box
    ILOVETOF – 1x Gold Core, 5x Weapon Battery II
    TOF666 – 8.888 gold, 1 box of SR Relic Fragments
    TOF888 – 8.888 Gold, 1x Black Core, 10x Crispy Grilled Fish

    These codes were previously active with a redemption limit, but have been made available to everyone again!

    Expired codes:

    • huanta520
    • huanta666
    • huanta888
    • ht520
    • ht666
    • ht888
    • YL666
    • YL777
    • YL999


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