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    Torchlight Infinite Launches on Google Play and App Store

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    Torchlight Infinite arrived softly in the app stores this week. The game was released globally and is now available to play on Android and iOS.

    Apparently Diablo Immortal won two strong competitors in just one week. As if the release of Undecember was not enough, yesterday (14) Torchlight Infinite was also released.

    Torchlight: Infinite – a new free-to-play game that reimagines the dungeon-crawling action RPG series – has just released its public beta for Android, iOS and PC.

    In case you didn't know, Torchlight was originally the work of now-defunct developer Runic Games, who made two games in the series before wrapping up in 2017 - a sequel that included the critically-acclaimed immersive dungeon-crawling segment and class-based hacks actions to provide. -and-cut.

    After Runic disbanded, publisher Perfect World resumed the series nine months later, handing over control of Torchlight 3 to developer Echtra Games in 2020. Interestingly, this third installment, which was originally planned to be free-to-play before Perfect World, has paid off after a flurry of protests - but now, after Torchlight 3's poor reception, those free-to-play plans for Torchlight: Infinite are back.

    Torchlight: Infinite is available on Google Play e AppStore. 




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