Torchlight: Infinite is in pre-registration on Google Play

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XD inc kind of broke their rule that their games wouldn't be on Google Play. Torchlight: Infinite appeared on the Google app store and is open pre-registration. The game will have an open beta for everyone in October this year.

As seen in the CG trailer, Torchlight: Infinite is about finding hope in the darkness. Based on the folklore of the original Torchlight, players can experience a new story set in an apocalyptic age where danger lurks around every corner.

In Torchlight: Infinite, players can obtain precious items from grinds, rather than relying on a stamina system or daily quests. The rarer the gear, the more unique and powerful the affixes. Torchlight: Infinite also has an in-game trading system where all items can be traded with other players.

Ready to embark on a new era of Torchlight? Pre-register now for the Torchlight: Infinite open beta, which launches in October. For more information, check out the official website.


  • Fluid and intense combat – Goblin Camp, Dwarven Mine, Church Plaza? No matter the location, experience thrilling explosions, devastating character jumps, and hordes of monsters in some of the smoothest, slickest torch combat to date.
  • Zero to Hero – Every playable hero has infinite possibilities, play heroes your way, utilizing their traits with a character build that you control. Combine your loot, skills, talents and traits to defeat legendary bosses.
  • Open Character Progression – Have the freedom to build your hero exactly the way you want by combining skills, talents, traits, gear affixes, legendary gear
  • Loot, Loot, and More Loot – Infinite loot, infinite stamina, and no skill cooldowns mean just one thing: more action and more loot.
  • Looking for a trade – Got some stellar gear but not for you? Exchange it in the in-game market and maybe buy something that is more for you.
  • Season of Change – Seasons of post-launch content with all new content, heroes and more coming regularly.
  • Cross-play – Jogue no PC, iOS e Android.

Google Play link


For more information about the game visit the official website, TapTap, and iOS App Store.

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