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    Top 5 Best Controls/Joysticks for Android of 2016

    These are the top and flights controls (gamepads) Bluetooth to buy in 2016. See the best controls to dock your cell phone or use freely on other devices, such as a PC, for example.

    Notice: This selection takes into account only controls for android simply because the offer is much greater. In the case of Windows Phone and iOS, despite the compatibility of some models shown here, it is always recommended to go straight to a MOGA-branded gamepad.


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    5 – Controle Terios T3 Bluetooth + Gamepad Bracket Clip

    O control Terios T3 is the cheapest option for those who want a bluetooth control for their Android phone or tablet. It only costs US$ 9.20 (around R$ 28 reais). The controller has a format that resembles the dualshock joystick 2 (Playstation 2) and has the identical button layout (L1, R1, L2, R2 and etc).

    It is worth remembering that despite appearing in the promo photo, the Terios T3 Gamepad does not include that hook/clip to hold the smartphone. You will have to buy it from outside. It's cheap, and costs only US$ 1,86 (R$ 5,77 reais).

    The clip name is Gamepad Bracket Clip. And it is also ideal for other joysticks like dualshock 3 (Playstation 3). The Gamepad Bracket Clip also works on generic street vendor USB controllers.

    Link to Buy

    4 – pega PG-9023

    already the control pega PG-9023 is an option for those looking for a joystick to large smartphones or tablets. The control can be “open” and support up to one 10 inch tablet.

    The configuration of this control is identical to that of other company models. Two analog, one digital directional pad, A,B,X,Y buttons and multimedia buttons (play, pause, volume etc). The control also has buttons L1, R1, L2, R2 and even a “L3 and R3” on the analogs (when pressed down).

    The Ipega PG-9023, as well as other controllers from this manufacturer, has, in addition to the Gamepad mode, a special mode that simulates a MOGA Pro controller. Ideal for playing games that support this type of controller.

    The price of the Ípega PG-9023 is around US$ 24 dollars (R$ 74 reais).

    Link to Buy

    3 – pega PG-9025

    O PG-9025 Ipega's most popular controller. With an affordable price and a user-friendly configuration, the controller was the company's first to introduce large analog sticks, very similar to those of traditional video game controllers such as Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. It was also the first to include multimedia buttons, ideal for lowering or raising the audio volume during gameplay.

    On sale since 2014, the Ipega PG-9025 controller is one of the best options for those looking for a reliable gamepad that turns their Android phone into a true portable console.

    This control is usually sold for the price of US$ 23 dollars (R$ 71 reais).

    Link to Buy

    2 – GameSir G3s

    GameSir appeared on the market in 2015. This manufacturer arrived with everything and brought one of the best gamepads of 2016, the GameSir G3s. With a Playstation 4 control style, the GameSir G3s surprises by having two types of connection, Bluetooth e Wireless 2.4 GHZ (accompanies adapter).

    The design is the highlight, very beautiful and comfortable. He has a battery 600mAh which is much larger than most controllers on the market. It exists for a reason, GameSir G3s support vibration.

    Other interesting aspects of the GameSir G3s are the support for using turbo (repeat buttons) and a clip that comes with the product. This clip supports cell phones up to 6 inches.

    This control is usually sold for the price of US$ 32 dollars (R$ 99 reais).

    Link to Buy

    1 – pega PG-9028

    And the great champion could be none other than the most complete control of 2016, pega PG-9028. It's practically the PG-9025, with a different design and the addition of something extraordinary, a touchpad.

    The Ípega PG-9028 is not only great for Android smartphones and tablets, it is also ideal for other uses such as Android TV and Virtual Reality (VR).

    The apparently “chubby” design of the Ípega PG-9028 hides a clip to hold smartphones up to 6 inches.

    Its price is ridiculously cheap, just US$ 25 dollars (R$ 77 reais).

    Link to Buy

    And these were our picks of controls to buy this holiday season. Did you miss any? Leave a comment.

    [originally published October 23, 2016]

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