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    Top 27 OFFLINE Games for Android 2022

    If you are looking for the best offline games to play in 2022, you have come to the right place. We've put together a neat list of the best Android games that don't require an internet connection.

    The year 2021 was marked by the launch of Xcloud and Geforce Now in Spain. Two services that offer PC games to play over the Internet. The so-called Cloud Gaming.

    This shows the revolution that is not yet to come… it has already arrived on mobile. But far below the radar, another revolution was taking place… that of offline gaming.

    Many amazing games have come to Android and it's time to check them out.




    Moonlighter is an action RPG with many similarities to The Legend of Zelda.

    But as you play, the game will sound different to you.

    Instead of being the legendary hero who will save the world, you are a shop owner NPC.

    Tired of this life of waiting for heroes to buy your stuff, you set out on a journey to explore dungeons and search for rare items.

    Then Moonlighter splits into two parts.

    The first is a procedural dungeon crawler, and the second is an item-selling minigame.

    The first part is the one that will grab your attention with lots of dungeons full of bosses and challenges.

    Taking care of the shop is a perk in the game and it's quite fun. You must choose the correct price for the products you found on your travels,

    And it also prevents some thieves from robbing your establishment.

    Moonlighter is not available on the Play Store in Spain, but it should arrive in 2022.

    You can find it on Google Play for other countries.

    Descargar Moonlighter

    Size: 350MB | Language: English | Paid out


    2. WarStrike

    New year and we always recommend a new free offline shooting game right?

    In 2022, we couldn't help but recommend WarStrike.

    Anyone who looks at this game on Google Play must think that it is a Free Fire of life.

    But actually, the game has nothing to do with the screenshots out there.

    WarStrike is a first person action game with very diverse levels.

    It even looks like Modern Combat made by a very small studio.

    The AI ​​of the enemies is not very smart, but at least the game is full of scenarios with missions where your character walks through the scenario.

    Descargar WarStrike APK

    Size: 85MB | Language: English | Free


    3. Trials of Mana

    It is with a heavy heart that we have to recommend this game. Trials of Mana costs a fortune, but it's an RPG like no other on mobile.

    As if that wasn't enough, you'll still need a powerful smartphone.

    3D remake of a classic from the 90s. Trials of Mana is none other than Seiken Densetsu 3, the sequel to the acclaimed Secret of Mana.

    This sequel only came out in Japan and almost 25 years later, Western fans enjoyed this 3D version.

    Trials of Mana is everything you'd expect from a PS4 generation action JRPG.

    Charming characters, exciting stories and a world full of adventures. The mobile version is identical to the consoles in content, but the visuals have lost some shaders.

    Still, it's one of the best mobile ports ever and certainly one of the best offline Android games to play in 2022.


    4. FightCrab

    FightCrab is exactly what you thought, a crab fighting game.

    This crazy game devised by Calappa Games features “realistic” (not so) combat against various crustaceans.

    This game is more of a hobby, but it does have its challenge.

    As you win in the campaign mode, you will face bigger and stronger crabs.

    The use of weapons is allowed, but the controls are as bizarre as the game proposal.

    Descargar FightCrab

    Size: 800MB | Language: English | Free


    5. Sky Gamblers Infinite Jets

    One of the biggest absences on mobile has always been an Ace Combat-style game.

    Yes, we know that there are many airplane and fighter games on the Play Store, but the vast majority are online.

    Android gaming veterans will remember Gameloft's Tom Clancy's HAWX, but it's not as good an impression as Sky Gamblers.

    Atype games fighter jet series is full of offline games.

    Among them, the most recent release is Infinite Jets.

    Released thousands of years ago on iOS, the game only came to Android in the second half of 2021.

    This one retains that casual, arcade-slash aura of Ace Combat. Infinite ammunition, impossible maneuvers, but with realistic graphics.

    There are many stages with cool missions in a game, all in Portuguese.

    Infinite Jets even has a stage in Rio de Janeiro which is very well done. It has the Cristo Redentor, Corcovado, Galeão and Santos Dummont airports.

    Download Infinite Jets

    Size: 1GB | Language: Spanish | Paid out


    6. Police Sim 2022

    Police Sim 2022 is an offline Android game where you will be a police officer.

    In this different driving simulator, the player must fulfill various mandates as a law enforcement officer.

    The game has missions like: chasing down bad guys, patrolling roads, and issuing tickets.

    There is even a mission to check the speed of the vehicles and see if everyone respects the speed limit.

    Police Sim 2022 impresses with beautiful graphics and an open map with many missions.

    DOWNLOAD Police Sim 2022

    Size: 800MB | Language: Spanish | Free


    7. Sparklite

    What if The Legend of Zelda was a Roguelike? The answer would probably be Sparklite.

    This cute game came to Google Play at the end of 2021.

    Embark on a unique journey alongside Ada, a mechanic on a flying ship that crash lands in a strange land.

    As with all Roguelikes, death is never the end. When she is defeated, Ada returns to the beginning of the game, but she accumulates some power-ups called patches.

    Defeating bosses in each part of the map opens up new areas for further exploration.

    Light, Sparklite is ideal for those looking for a game to beat on Android, but don't have a powerful smartphone.

    Download Sparklite

    Size: 115MB | Language: English | free to try


    8. Combat Master

    Combat Master is a very fun shooting game.

    You swear it's online, but if you turn off the Internet in the middle of the game, you'll understand that, in reality, they are all bots.

    Yes, this game, at least as far as we have tested, is pure disappointment.

    But a good deception.

    Although the online multiplayer is a complete lie, as an offline game it works very well.

    Smooth gameplay and frenetic shooting. The movement resembles that of Call of Duty Warzone. Needless to say, FPS fans went crazy over this game.

    Download Combat Master

    Size: 500MB | Language: Portuguese | Free


    9. Alien Isolation

    Alien Isolation is a horror game that was released in 2014 for PlayStation 3, 4 and Xboxes.

    Released on mobile by Feral Interactive, the Android version is an identical port to the consoles and features a chilling atmosphere.

    Awesome graphics!

    Fight against xenomorphs inside an abandoned space station. This game is absolute tension… technical requirements included.

    You can expect heavy gameplay! Not all cell phones accept it.

    Alien Isolation is all in Portuguese and supports Bluetooth or USB control.


    Descargar Alien Isolation

    Size: 8GB | Language: Spanish | paid out


    10. My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge

    My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge is a game that used to be paid and is now free.

    In this game, your goal is to help a banana get his family back.

    Yes, a banana. There is no time for explanations. Grab your gun and help her by detonating various bandits along the way.

    At first, the commands are a bit confusing for those expecting something traditional.

    But they look like commands from Angry Birds.

    Aim to move your character and shoot by touching the screen. Simple but very fun game.

    Download My Friend Pedro

    Size: 300MB | Language: Spanish | Free


    11. Asphalt Nitro 2

    Surprisingly, Gameloft released a new Asphalt Nitro.

    The new game exactly follows the premise of the old one, being an offline car racing game.

    Incorporating elements from Asphalt 9, Nitro 2 brings that infamous way of not controlling the car. Luckily it can be turned off.

    Ideal for those looking for a good offline racing game, Asphalt Nitro 2 offers the old scheme of winning races to win cars and unlock new stages.

    Beautiful graphics, but works well even on a "dad" cell phone.

    Oh! this can only be found on the official Gameloft website.

    Download Asphalt Nitro 2

    Size: 52MB | Language: Spanish | Paid out


    12. Raft Survival: Desert Nomad

    Raft Survival: Desert Nomad is a survival game where instead of being on the beach or the sea, you are in the desert.

    With a floating platform as the main shelter, the player must build a dwelling to escape from the monsters that inhabit the desert.

    The game still has horror elements with animals that look like they came out of the movie “A Quiet Place”.

    In addition to dealing with these creatures, you need to find food and other resources for your shelter.

    Desert Nomad claims to be online, but in our test it is possible to play most of the game without an internet connection.


    Size: 800MB | Language: Spanish | Free


    13. My Time at Portia

    My Time at Portia begins in a way that is very reminiscent of Stardew Valley. But instead of pixel art, now it's 3D's turn.

    A game that mixes RPG and farm simulator, although in this one you are more of a mechanical rod builder.

    The game is the same as the one that was released for consoles and PC and it is all in Portuguese.

    With an interface designed to better accommodate touch screens, this port simplifies many tasks and makes the game great to play on mobile devices.

    My Time at Portia is what we can call a good mobile port. The producer adapted the interface so well that we think the game was made from scratch for smartphones.

    Descargar My Time at Portia

    Size: 1,6GB | Language: Spanish | Paid out


    14. Nexomon: Extinction

    It seems that the best offline mobile games of recent times are always games ported from the console, right?

    Do what?

    And this time it was the opposite, a game that was born on mobile phones and had its sequel on consoles.

    Nexomon Extinction was first released for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC, and only made its way to mobile phones in late 2021.

    With an obvious inspiration in Pokémon, Nexomon brings 381 little monsters to collect in a colorful role-playing game and all in Portuguese.

    It's 15 hours into the main story and over 25 if you want to capture it all.

    The game is free to try but after a while you have to pay.

    Download Nexomon Extinction

    Size: 1GB | Language: Spanish | free to try


    15. Pure Sniper: Shooting in the City

    Online shooting games are stressful, right?

    There are times when all you want is just a few shots in a casual game.

    For those who don't even want to make their character walk, the tip is Pure Sniper.

    This Sniper game is no nonsense. Two taps on the screen and you're shooting bad guys.

    The graphics are simple, but it is full of missions.

    Descargar Pure Sniper

    Size: 150MB | Language: Spanish | Free


    16. Wall of Insanity

    But if you're looking for a game with a little more madness, or rather madness, our advice is Wall of Insanity.

    Another game from the ever talented Ray Spark, the same guy who made the Slaughter series games.

    A single developer; the guy goes and makes a series of third person shooter games.

    Wall of Insanity is their newest game and this time things are sinister.

    I will not give too much spoiler because if not, Youtube could say that the video is inappropriate for minors… again!

    Descargar Wall of Insanity

    Size: 1,1GB | Language: Spanish | Paid out


    17. Burning Dead

    Burning Dead is a game that will fool you at first sight.

    When it catches your eye, you think it's an FPS, but this is one of those Into the Dad style games.

    The character runs alone and you have to dodge enemies or shoot them.

    In the case of this game, the business is to hit all the enemies. Otherwise, you won't make it out alive.

    The first chapter has several stages, but to unlock the entire game you have to pay.

    Descargar Burning Dead

    Size: 1GB | Language: English | Free


    18. One Hand Clapping

    Pick a time when no one is home to play one hand clap.

    No, it's not what you're thinking.

    In this platform game you will sing or make strange noises so that the character continues his journey.

    This is one of those very different and unusual indie games.

    Why is he here? As strange as he seems. The game starts to get really fun after a while. Of course, it's a lot of embarrassment for others.

    Try to find the right intonation to finally be able to move on. There are six worlds to explore.

    Descargar One Hand Clapping

    Size: 550MB | Language: Spanish | Paid out


    19. Dude Theft Wars

    The Dude Thef Wars is one of the funniest GTA-style games you'll find on Google Play.

    Due to its Low Poly graphics, this game offers an open world with much more to do than other GTA-style indie games.

    Do missions in story mode or side missions like being a taxi driver, bowling, basketball, fighting zombies, etc.

    Dance and take a selfie enjoying the bugs in the game.

    It is even possible to use cheats with various cheats like in regular GTA.

    Dude Theft Wars surprises for being one of the most complete games of the genre...

    What gender?

    Generate GTA clones that aren't going anywhere and are just for casual fun.

    Download Dude Theft Wars

    Size: 150MB | Language: English | Free


    20. Evan’s Remains

    Evan's Remains is a mystery adventure that combines puzzle platforming with visual novel elements.

    Follow the journey of Dysis as she tries to find Evan, a genius who has suddenly disappeared.

    Everything happens in a pseudo-virtual world.

    With a captivating story and beautiful pixel art backgrounds, this is one of those games where things are not what they seem.

    Descargar Evan’s Remains

    Size: 115MB | Language: Spanish | free to try


    21. Burst To Power

    The developers of Burst To Power knew how to dose the inspiration without copying Dragon Ball.

    The result is a 3D fighting game with characters of unlimited power and lots of fighting.

    The beginning is a bit warm, but after a few initial battles, it is possible to unleash more power.

    In many moments it reminds of games like Dragon Ball Z: PS2 Sagas.

    Descargar Burst To Power

    Size: 300MB | Language: English | Free


    22. Huntdown

    A dirty city full of criminals.

    Technology is high, but life has never been worth less.

    In this retro-futuristic Cyberpunk setting, you control one of these three characters on a relentless hunt against criminals.

    Huntdown seems to have come out of the 16-bit generation and landed right on our phones.

    With frenetic action and beautiful pixel art, this run-and-gun game is ideal for anyone who enjoys Blade Runner-style sci-fi.

    Immersive gameplay and gameplay rewards the skilled player. The stages are an ideal size for a mobile game. Neither too long nor too short.

    But be prepared to die many times with the bosses. This game doesn't suck.

    Descargar Huntdown

    Size: 500MB | Language: English | free to try


    23. Rune Sword

    Rune Sword is an indie platform game with a hero and a sword. Pretty cliche, right?

    But the formula once again works and offers simple and fun gameplay.

    There are 24 stages with 3 worlds and 3 mega bosses.

    There are many secrets hidden in each level, such as runes that help your hero to get stronger.

    DEscargar Rune Sword

    Size: 64MB | Language: English | Free


    24. Touchgrind Scooter

    The control scheme of the Touchgrind franchise is no longer a secret to anyone.

    But in case you know, here you go: instead of buttons on the screen, it's your fingers that control the scooter.

    Put one finger on the handlebar and the other on the part where a person would be and voila!

    Now just slide and try to perform tricks on a playground.

    The graphics are very realistic, but that also means that the game is heavy.

    Descargar Touchgrind

    Size: 1GB | Language: Spanish | Free


    25. Game of Gods

    Game of Gods is a roguelike game with a clear inspiration in Hades.

    Despite the inspiration, the game is quite simple and still in the development stage.

    But the idea is a good one, mainly because some attacks are rhythmic and require a bit more skill and precision.

    Descargarr Game of Gods

    Size: 154MB | Language: English | Free


    26. Scary Teacher 3D

    Hit on YouTube, Scary Teacher 3D is a puzzle game in which you have to play pranks on this ugly teacher.

    Each level has a mission that you have to complete, but you have to be careful not to get caught.

    A game makes for a lot of laughs and the fact that it is in English only makes the challenge even greater for those who are not fluent in the language.

    Solve the puzzle in each level and avenge this teacher for putting you in detention.

    Descargar Scary Teacher

    Size: 880MB | Language: English | Free


    27. Tower Hunter

    Descargar Tower Hunter

    Size: 1GB | Language: English | Paid out

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