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    Top 20 – Best iPhone and iPad Games of 2011

    The games from the Spanish App Store have finally arrived and after downloading Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, you are already in doubt about what to download, because as you may have noticed, there are thousands of games. To help you in this task, more than gratifyingly, we've selected 20 of the best releases we've seen in the last year for you to put on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. It's time to DOWNLOAD!


    20 – Starfront: Collision

    2011 was a good year for Gameloft. Despite lapses like Six Guns, Starfront: Collision is proof that good games can come from where we least expect it. What I thought would be a mere copy of Starcraft turned out to be an EXCELLENT copy of starcraft.

    Download link (free)


    19 – FIFA Soccer 12

    Okay, I'll tell you the truth, I'm not a big fan of football games. But this time EA has outdone itself, while everyone seeks to explore players a little more with “free” options, EA sends us an excellent football game option. Complete and that once paid, you will never bother with coins and the like. For those who enjoy football, this is THE GAME!

    Download Link ($1,99)


    18 – Machinarium (iPad)

    Mandatory game for fans of “point'n click”. Impressive visuals and very similar to those concept animations we saw at film festivals. game!

    Download Link ($4,99)


    17 – Order & Chaos Online

    With all its proposal to be a “post-pc” device, it is natural that we want to have some games on the iPad. MMORPG needs a lot of players to succeed, after all, playing MMO alone is no fun. On the iPhone the game seems a little precarious, because of the screen polluted by buttons and information, but on the iPad the gameplay is ideal.

    Download Link ($6,99)


    16 – Feed Me Oil

    Your objective is to transport the oil from one part of the canvas to another. In addition to the clever puzzles, Feed Me Oil has a bizarre art style, with huge creatures reminiscent of World of Goo.

    Download Link ($0.99)


    15 – Shadow Gun

    Although many “fools” who like only puzzle don't like this game, Shadow Gun opens the way for a new wave of TPS for smartphones. A good game that demonstrates the full potential of the platform.

    Download Link ($4.99)


    14 – DrawRace 2

    The perfection and polish of a game can be felt in DrawRace 2. The game has an impressive look and despite having a simple gameplay, Chillingo knew how to create several challenges that made this second version even more fun. The game is addictive to both casual and hardcore gamers.

    Download Link ($0.99)


    13 – Angry Birds Rio

    Needs no introduction, but one thing must be said. These guys at Rovio have boundless creativity. How do guys manage to spend so much time on the same game releasing more and more versions without looking like "something beat".

    Download Link ($0.99)


    12 – Where’s My Water?

    When a colleague of mine introduced me to this game, I didn't think it was very good. But he challenged me and I of course accepted. That's when my jaw dropped. Where's My Water? It is a very difficult puzzle game. It even rivals Cut the Rope in the difficulty of the later levels.

    Download Link ($0.99)


    11 – Sonic CD

    What looked like a late remake, turned into an excellent mobile game. Sonic CD is an excellent adventure and this remaster puts it in the hall of the best Sonic games of all time.

    Download Link ($4.99)


    10 – Tiny Wings

    Basic but very fun, Tiny Wings is like using a hallucinogenic substance. The game is quiet and there's nothing if you can't go very far the first time. You can always try again while enjoying that relaxing tune.

    Download Link ($0.99)


    09 – Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing

    Calling this mario kart plagiarism game is sacrilege. Kart's nowadays are practically a genre and Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing is the best kart game for iOS. The only flaw of the game is that the online multiplayer is only for two players, that is, I can only beat one noob at a time (hehehe).

    Download Link ($1.99)


    08 – World of Goo

    Speaking of World of Goo, here's another bizarre looking puzzle. The acclaimed Wii puzzler known for its imaginative storyline and innovative gameplay has come to the iPad modestly. It didn't take long for them to realize that this was a great game.

    Download Link ($2.99)


    07 – Jetpack Joyride

    Speaking of casual, there isn't a game that comes closer to Fruit Ninja addiction than Jetpack Joyride. If it serves as a console, the game is from the same company, it seems that the guys work with psychologists in the quest to addict us as much as possible.

    Download Link (Free)


    06 – Anomaly Warzone Earth

    The game is fantastic and with faster and more accurate touchscreen controls than its PC counterpart. Its glorious blend of tactics and action is instantly accessible and deceptively profound. An anomaly indeed.

    Download Link ($1,99)


    05 – Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

    Undoubtedly, one of the best Gameloft releases and the best online multiplayer ever for smartphones. MC3 is unanimous and despite competitors EA and Activision, owners of powerful franchises like Battlefield and Call of Duty, try, no one dethrones this game as the best FPS for smartphones and tablets.

    Download Link ($6,99)


    04 - Dead Space

    EA managed to bring to the "screens" some of the horror of the Dead Space series. The exclusive campaign, which is part of the history of the console version, shows the importance that mobile games have acquired nowadays.

    Download Link ($1,99)


    03 – Real Racing 2 HD

    Unprecedented game. The graphic “slap” that Firemint manages to give in this game is something that few softhouses can do. The look is totally console game. As if the graphics weren't enough, it's a very deep game for those who enjoy a racing simulator.

    Download Link ($1,99)


    02 – Infinity Blade II

    The second version of Infinity Blade is very similar to the first, right! Correct! But still, CHair managed to proceed with its saga and added more palettes to the game's story, making this version very engaging. I don't even need to talk about the graphics, right?

    Download Link ($6,99)


    01 – Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Micro

    ART! It's the first thing that comes to your mind when you play this game for 30 minutes. Sword & Sworcery is a marvel of gaming science and a lesson in the true meaning of gaming. Short? Repetitive? None of that matters if the journey is worth it, and S&S's is Epic. The end of the game is like closing a good book. total satisfaction!

    Download Link ($2,99)


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    [originally published April 9, 2012]

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