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    Top 20 Best Free Games for Android (1st semester 2012)

    With a veritable flood of games to Android every day, it gets more and more difficult to choose a good game to play. There are those who say that everything that is free is good, but the truth is that not all free games are a masterpiece. Some, in addition to being bad, are pestering the whole day with intrusive notifications. That's why we selected the best games for android that can be downloaded and played for free. Games that are momentarily free and demo versions are not included in the list. Let's go to the list.

    Castle Master 3D - Download Free

    Em Castle Master 3D the objective is to dominate the castles. The game has gameplay similar to Diablo and despite the controls that are a little uncomfortable, it generates a lot of fun thanks to the combats. The game is one of the most downloaded in Thailand and Korea, so be careful.


    Castle Of Shadows - Download Free

    Castle Of Shadows is an old acquaintance of the “Javeiros”. The game originally from China for mobile phones Java follows the pattern "Castlevania with Medroid map”, that is, a huge map to explore with 2D gameplay and RPG elements. Full plate for the nostalgic. The best part? All in English.


    extreme skater - Download Free

    Skate game with very well thought out stages. The number of maneuvers is limited, but there is the possibility of grabbing hooks and trails that exist in the stages, even being able to slide upside down. The power-ups are also really cool.


    Zombie Ace - Download Free

    Zombie Ace is one of the weirdest and funniest games for Android. The game, authored by Hothead Games, the same producer of Machinarium, is a strange combination of bonus stages from Super Mario World and Resident Evil. Welcome to zombie airlines, you control these zombie pilots whose mission is to infect the world. The game also exists for iPhone, but only the Android version is free.


    Heroes Call - Download Free

    Heroes Call is a “similar” to Diablo, very good to play on mobile. Despite the mouse-style control, where you have to tap for the hero to move, it's a very beautiful game on any smartphone. The graphics vary depending on the device, but even on my Milestone 3 the graphics were nice. There are only 40 quests and many dungeons.


    Harry the fairy - Download Free

    Harry the Fairy may seem like a children's game (and it is), but being free and having such good puzzles, it's impossible not to like it. There are 28 stages in a 16-bit visual generation. It supports both gesture controls and physical controls.


    iSlash - Download Free

    iSlash is a puzzle where you have to cut as many figures as possible without the ninja stars escaping. There are more than 100 puzzles, but only a few stages are available.

    Slime vs. Mushroom 2 - Download Free

    everyone knows Plants vs Zombies, but they should also know Slime vs. Mushroom 2. It's impossible not to associate this game with the classic of strategy and “horror”. But the best advantage here is free.

    Shark Dash - Download Free

    If the Gameloft intended to make an "Angry Birds", let's say she did. Shark Dash is one of the best and most fun games for Android. The controls are very good, although they seem imprecise on smartphones with small screens. The banner ad is boring and you have to be online to play, but this is all made up for by the fun.


    Death Rally FREE - Download Free

    Death Rally FREE is the Free version of Death Rally, Remake of a PC game released in 1996. However, it's not the same game, as you only control weaker cars and to have better items you have to pay. However, the poor experience is compensated by first-rate graphics, perhaps the best on the Android platform.

    Aby Escape - Download Free

    I tried to limit myself to just one game of the genre, but it was very difficult, since the amount of free “running” games is a lot and many of them are good, because most of the time, you play the game completely for free. I'll limit myself to these three, the first is Aby Escape.

    Temple Run - Download Free

    Endless run games are a fever these days, nobody knows when this genre really started, maybe on Playstation one with Crash, but the truth is that Temple Run started to get people addicted again. But the difference is that Temple Run is, as we can say, more direct and symmetrical than the other games.

    Running fred - Download Free

    The third game on the “run” list is the most sadistic of them all. Fred is a poor, unlucky little boy who seems to have accidentally escaped death. Why is he unlucky? Play and you will see a “Temple Run” with all kinds of Fatalitys that poor Fred will suffer.


    Six-Guns - Download Free

    Loved by some, hated by others, Six-Guns is a western game from Gameloft that mixes zombies, monsters, witches and other things, all in one salad. The problem for some players is not that, but the fact that the missions are very repetitive and there is no possibility to buy some essential items with virtual money.


    Angry Birds Space - Download Free

    Angry Birds Space ads is the ad version of Angry Birds Space. It's basically the same game but with ads. The banner annoyance is offset by one of the best versions since the original Anbry Birds. You can play offline.


    BLOOD & GLORY - Download Free

    Infinity Blade has not yet appeared on Android. And to assuage our fury for swords and blood, we have a free game from Glu. It's Blood & Glory, a mix of Infinity Blade and Spartacus. Game has excellent graphics and is not that heavy, only 140MB.


    PewPew - Download Free

    The name, look and gameplay is a clear allusion to the classics of yesteryear, such as Asteroids. PewPew is a spaceship shooter with a vector look. The interface and control are very nice, but if you prefer you can control it with a Bluetooth joystick like the Gametel.


    Robotek - Download Free

    Robotek is a very beautiful “side defense” with a techno look full of lights and effects that make geeks head. Very addictive the game still has a very cool soundtrack. Great game to kill time, but if you want to play online multiplayer seriously, get ready because the best items are paid.


    Feed Me Oil - Download Free

    A game that mixes weird art with entertainment. Your main mission is to feed these strange creature-like structures. A really cool “physical” puzzle for you to exercise your reasoning.

    Eternity Warriors 2 - Download Free

    Eternity Warriors It's a great game, but its sequel managed to be even better. Eternity Warriors 2, a free title by Glu Mobile, is one of the most downloaded recent games in the world. Google Play, after all, how about a Diablo III-style game on your smartphone? EW 2 has very beautiful graphics and easy and addictive gameplay. Game has versions in SPANISH.

    [originally published September 23, 2012]

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