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    Top 13 Best HORROR Games for Android and IOS (OFFLINE)

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    An amazing top to give you goosebumps in this Halloween. The best horror games for android e iOS (iPhone, iPad). All games on this list are premium quality offline games. Only the best to terrify you in this Halloween.

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    13 – Five Nights at Freddy’s (PAGO)

    In 13th place we have the series Five Nights at Freddy's. Developed by a single person, this series of horror games, shrouded in mystery, doesn't have an elaborate look, but it scares the hell out of it. The game puts you as a night watchman, who has to take care of a macabre pizzeria at night.


    The player checks cameras while realizing a terrible truth: the place is haunted by dolls called animatronics. Five Nights at Freddy's is a collection of fun jump scares that will make you want to throw your phone away. Popular with kids and teens, don't let the game's cute look fool you, Five Nights is one of the scariest horror games out there right now.

    Download from Google Play (Android)

    Download from the App Store (iPhone and iPad)

    12 – Slendrina: The Cellar (Free)

    Next horror game for android e iOS, the player will have the mission to walk through a catacomb looking for eight books, which reveal the exit from the place. Unfortunately, you are not alone, there is a strange haunting that resides in this place, and it goes by the name of Slendrina.

    Clearly inspired by the Slender games, Slendrina: The Cellar raises a lot of scares. However, in this game, the creature can come in different forms to scare you. It is something that guarantees some good surprises throughout the gameplay.

    Download from Google Play (Android)

    Download from the App Store (iPhone and iPad)

    11 – Sirius 3D Obake (Grátis)

    Little known for being entirely in Chinese, the game Sirius 3D (Obake) It's a pretty underground game from Google Play. The object of the game is the old cliché of escaping a haunted house.

    Sirius 3D (Obake) has excellent audio and a combination of puzzle and psychological horror that will blow your mind. The fact that the game is in Chinese only makes it even more intriguing. The comment section of the Google Play game has practically become a question and answer section, where players help each other and give tips on how to reach the end.

    Download from Google Play (Android)

    10 – Emily Wants To Play (PAGO)

    Emily Wants To Play is a horror game for android e iOS where you are a pizza delivery man. Upon arriving at a residence, your character notices that the place is empty. At least, that's what it seems.

    Upon entering the house, the door closes, and you are trapped in a dark environment, full of the hauntings of a little girl. Find a way to escape this haunted house. The game also has a demo version for android.

    Download from Google Play (Android)

    Download from the App Store (iPhone and iPad)

    09 – The Fear : Creepy Scream House (Grátis)

    The Fear: Creepy Scream House is a horror game which also takes place in a sanatorium. A little girl named Marta was diagnosed with psychological problems. Believing that it is the place that is affecting the girl, her father / mother, controlled by you, has a mission to escape the place along with her.

    With a well-crafted story, The Fear : Creepy Scream House has several very beautiful environments and graphics. The game is a little short, but the experience is quite intense.

    Download from Google Play (Android)

    08 – Eyes – The Haunt (Grátis)

    The devil is on the loose Eyes – The Haunt. One of the best horror games for android e iOS, puts you to walk through beautifully made scenarios, and interact with the environment to try to figure out how to escape.

    The plot is simplistic, but the amount of jump scares is just right. Collect all the sheets of paper to escape before this place drives you crazy.

    Download from Google Play (Android)

    Download from the App Store (iPhone and iPad)

    07 – Slender Man Origins (PAGO)

    There is an enormous amount of horror games on Google Play and App Store, but few are as well-crafted as Slender Man Origins. There are four different environments to have fun with the macabre Slender man: Castle, Village, Cemetery and Forest.

    Whichever location you choose, the feeling of fear and panic will be guaranteed. The game has two more versions Slender Man Origins 2 and 3. Both have demo versions, ideal for testing the game before buying.

    Download from Google Play (Android)

    Download from the App Store (iPhone and iPad)


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    06 – Horror Hospital 2 (Free)

    HorrorHospital 2, as the name implies, is a horror game that takes place in a haunted hospital. The gameplay is quite short but quite intense, prepare your heart.

    Short but intense, Horror Hospital can be seen in other versions as 3D, which is also completely free to download and play.

    Download from Google Play (Android)

    05 – Mental Hospital (PAID)

    The horror game series Mental Hospital is one of the most popular among mobile gamers. With clear inspirations in Outlast, the game throws you into extremely unpleasant environments that will give you uncomfortable sensations such as claustrophobia and panic.

    Altogether there are five horror games. Despite the possibility of being played separately, we recommend playing them all together, or starting in order, to check the evolution of the producer. Take advantage that the previous games are on sale this Halloween.

    Download from Google Play (Android)

    Download from the App Store (iPhone and iPad)

    04 – Dark Meadow: The Pact (Grátis)

    Em Dark Meadow: The Pact, the player visits Montclair Hospital. The place is all destroyed due to the action of time. But make no mistake, there is still something, or something, living there. Old but one of the most impactful horror games on Android.

    In the psychiatric ward, you'll find bizarre creatures and a child shrouded in light. All in Spanish, Dark Meadow: The Pact doesn't focus much on scares, but it has a macabre atmosphere that will captivate horror movie lovers. The game has an excellent visual, and uses the Unreal Engine 3.

    Download from Google Play (Android)

    Download from the App Store (iPhone and iPad)

    03 – The School – White Day (PAGO)

    Now, we've reached the part of our Top 13 where the most beautiful and elaborate horror games are. White day is a game for android e iOS based on a commemorative date in Asia. On that day, young lovers exchange gifts.

    A young boy in love intends to deliver a gift to his girlfriend. But when he arrives at her school, he is faced with a heavy and terrifying atmosphere. The game has excellent graphics, gameplay beyond “Silent Hill” and many hours of gameplay. It is one of the most complete games on the list.

    Download from Google Play (Android)

    Download from the App Store (iPhone and iPad)

    02 – Lost Within (PAGO)

    This pearl of terror produced by the Amazon Studios, is one of the most beautiful horror games in the world. Android e iOS. Lost Within has excellent graphics, but before you stop to admire the visuals, you'll be tortured by horrifying sounds coming from the game.

    Try to survive in this asylum full of monstrous creatures. Unfortunately, Lost Within is not available on Google Play, the game can only be purchased from the Amazon App Store. On iOS, the game can be purchased normally with versions for iPhone and iPad.

    Download from the App Store (iPhone and iPad)

    01 – Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities (PAGO)

    Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities is a masterpiece of horror and suspense. Simply, the most complete game on the list in every aspect. Graphics, story, immersion, Forgotten Memories will make you forget you're playing a mobile game.

    With elements of horror games like Silent Hill e D (remember that classic), In Forgotten Memories, you control Rose, a strong-willed woman who is looking for a missing child. The atmosphere of the game is surprising and a clear demonstration of the potential of mobile games.

    Download from the App Store (iPhone and iPad)


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    [originally published October 31, 2016]

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