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    Top 10 Best Shooting Games (FPS/TPS) of 2016 (Android and iOS)

    Know the best shooting games in first or third person released in 2016 No. Android e iPhone. The FPS were also featured on cell phones during the past year. Since 2015, many people have been dissatisfied with one of the most popular games of the genre, Modern Combat. Because of this, several similar FPS bombed in 2016. Check it out!

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    10 – Modern Strike (Free)

    When it was released, many people thought that Modern Strike would be the ideal competitor for Modern Combat, practically a mobile Battlefield.

    In reality, Modern Strike's proposal is much simpler. Despite the very nice graphics, the gameplay is not that captivating and the match selection system fails a lot. The game maps disappoint. As it stands, Modern Strike only ranks 10th in our top 10 shooter games.

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    9 – Midnight Star Renegade (Free)

    Midnight Star Renegade is an arcade shooter with beautiful and futuristic graphics. In the game's story, the Renegade program was created to make sure that it wouldn't be the end of the human race since the discovery that we're not alone in the universe.

    Midnight Star is a controversial series. Some people like it and some people hate it. The main point of debate is the controls, quite different from what most players wanted. In Midnight Star Renegade, you only control aiming and moving left and right. The game can actually be classified as an on-rails shooter. Still, it makes our list as one of the best shooting games of 2016.

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    8 – Natural Born Soldier (Free)

    Natural Born Soldier is a game that draws attention for its very open scenarios. The game, which can be played online or offline, has really large maps and the use of a sniper will be almost mandatory.

    However, don't expect seriousness in this title. Filled with jokes and weird deaths, Natural Born Soldier has crazy customization and weapons. You can even put your own face on your character. But for those who like open world shooters, this one will surprise you with the size of the scenarios.

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    7 – Rival Fire (Free)

    Rival Fire is not a new game for us on the site. The game is a revamp of a Tencent Games classic, first released in China. With a crazy campaign, Rival Fire reaches the sixth position thanks precisely to the single player mode.

    The gameplay is the same as the “murinhos” style of other games from the producer GLU. The player needs to dodge and shoot enemies, in a scenario where we don't control the character completely. The highlights are for the affected look and crazy plot, with girls with cleavage as stage bosses.

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    6 – Gun Rush (Free)

    In sixth position in our top shooter games for Android is Gun Rush. The game is often dubbed as an “Overwatch Mobile”, but in fact, it is a completely different shooter. The only similarities are the characters with a very different look than you would expect from a shooting game. Something closer to the characters of games like League of Legends.

    In terms of gameplay, however, this game is completely different from Overwatch and Paladins. The commands and visuals draw attention, but the promised MOBA gameplay was left out, at least during 2016.

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    5 – Call of the Last Agent (Grátis)

    Funmagic brought Call of the Last Agent (COLA) to the west. An online shooter with many similarities to CrossFire (and CrossFire Mobile). The bet was right because this type of game does not usually receive many releases in English. In addition, this type of more extroverted game is highly sought after.

    The graphics are not COLA's strong point, which gives them up in favor of gameplay. With maps reminiscent of classic maps from games like Counter Strike GO, COLA brings that affected anime look with characters with extravagant looks and girls with short clothes.

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    4 – Final Shot (Free)

    With the success of CrossFire Mobile in China, several companies brought their clones to the west. Final Shot, developed by Netmarble is an online FPS with many similarities to CrossFire.

    It's another game that sacrifices its graphics in favor of large maps and character customization power. The game stands out for being in Spanish, which facilitated the acceptance of the players. Quite affordable, fun is guaranteed is a fast downloadable and addictive game.

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    3 – Call of Duty: Strike Team (PAGO)

    Call of Duty: Strike Team was originally released in 2013, but was removed from Google Play and returned in full force in 2016. The only paid game on our top, Call of Duty features a singleplayer focused gameplay.

    In this mix of shooting and strategy game, the player needs to coordinate his team and complete missions. It is possible to catch any soldier on the battlefield. With this different gameplay, Call of Duty deserves to be in our top 3.

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    2 – Critical Ops (Free)

    Critical Ops is the most successful FPS game of 2016. The game already has more than 10 million downloads on Android alone and is already a serious contender for the hegemony of Modern Combat 5. Good visuals and great gameplay make Critical Ops a of the best shooting games of all time on Android and iOS.

    With a focus on CS:GO inspiration, Critical Ops brings serene gameplay that doesn't prioritize money (as is the case with Modern Strike). The developers make it very clear that the game will never be Pay to Win. Indispensable for fans of online games like Counter Strike.

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    And the winner is…

    1 – Bullet Force (Free)

    Critical Ops barely made it to the top 10 of our top XNUMX (very little). But who knew that only one person would develop a game that fights directly with giant development teams like Gameloft?

    Bullet Force doesn't just fight, it shows that listening to the gamer community is always the best option for any developer. The game that started as a port of a game made for PC, turned into the best shooter of 2016.

    Scalable visuals, calibrated gameplay and well-crafted maps. In addition to being an excellent online game, the game also has offline modes for training. Bullet Force is a serious reminder of what only one person can do. This masterpiece still needs some tweaking (especially in the knife fighting), but the future of this game is going to be bright.

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    [originally published January 4, 2017]

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