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    Top 10 Best Platform Games of 2016 (Android and iOS)

    For those who like to jump through 2D scenarios, the year 2016 was full of games that emphasize charismatic characters and that intense desire to run towards the right. In addition to faithful ports of old-time classics, 2016 also featured quality indie games. Check out our annual Top 10 of the best platforming or sidescrolling games released in 2016.


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    10 – Super Mario Run (Free to try)

    Super Mario Run may not have pleased most of the audience, but the game that brings the plumber in all his grace and charisma to mobile phones deserves a position in our top 10. There are 24 levels to enjoy in a casual platform game that can be played with just one hand.

    Very beautiful graphics and well-detailed scenarios are just some of the good elements of the game. Super Mario Run has a campaign mode (short) and a racing mode, where you can challenge other players in infinite stages. Ideal for Nintendo fans, Super Mario Run marries platform style with runner.

    Download link on iOS

    9 – Super Phantom Cat (Free)

    Simple and addictive, Super Phantom Cat has a retro wave design with lots of neon and a mesmerizing soundtrack. The gameplay is classic jump, hit enemies, collect items and unlock new stages.

    The highlight of the game is its timing. The gameplay is very well suited for everyday life, which makes Super Phantom Cat both a good casual game and an excellent platform game.

    Download link on Android e iOS

    8 – The East New World (Free)

    Platform games often have a weak plot. The East New World is no exception to this rule. In this game, the objective is to save the girlfriend and help the villagers. If the plot doesn't catch our attention, the gameplay, at least, stands out.. a lot!

    The game has a retro look, 16-bit style. The gameplay mixes classic jumping and attacking with RPG elements. The stages are complex with many secret paths and places to explore. A game that certainly deserves the eighth position in our top 10 best platform games.

    Download link on Android e iOS

    7 – Jet Pack Fighter (Grátis)

    Jet Pack Fighter is a side scrolling game with elements reminiscent of games like Mega Man and Nights. The player controls characters that fly through the scenario, defeating enemies and developing the story.

    The graphics are very nice and the game is all in Spanish. A fun and somewhat nostalgic experience that will bring back fond memories for anyone looking for a fun, 3D game.

    Download link on Android e iOS

    6 – Super Cat Bros (Free)

    Super Cat Bros is reminiscent of the classic Nintendo game, but instead of plumbers, we have cuddly kittens, jumping around and getting up to speed. With simple graphics and a gameplay that mixes casual (short stages) with diverse scenarios, Super Cat Bros captivates with its more than 50 stages.

    Charming visuals, simple controls, and a good variety of challenge, bring Super Cat Bros to our top. The game is another excellent title from FDG Entertainment, the same producer of Banana Kong (Android and iOS).

    Download link on Android e iOS

    5 – Mikey Jumps (PAID)

    The simplicity of mobile games is very well represented in Mikey Jumps. The beginning of the game is basic, and this will make anyone wonder how Mikey Jumps ranks in our top 10. However, it's in development and level design that the game shines. There are hundreds of stages with increasing difficulty.

    Mikey Jumps is a challenge that starts out ridiculously simple, but unfolds into an insane platformer. In each new world, producer BeaverTap Games adds new mechanics that make the challenge of collecting coins and stars increasingly complex. Over time, the player notices that the brain starts to "bug", but don't surrender, Mikey Jumps has an ending.

    Download link on iOS

    4 – Downwell (PAID)

    Going to the right is good, but what about going further and further down? In Downwell, the mission is to go down the stage and blow up everything that comes your way. The game has frantic action with lots of things exploding on the screen.

    Downwell's look is anything but impressive. However, it is in the gameplay that the game stands out. The firefight is insane with an impressive amount of enemies. With bosses, combo system and more than 15 hours of duration, Downwell is addictive.

    Download link on Android e iOS

    3 – Dan The Man (Free)

    Dan The Man is what would be the result of a mix between Super Mario and Street of Rage. In this action game, you can beat up enemies or use weapons to blow them up. The game is action packed and the controls are excellent.

    There are only 12 stages, but the time of the stages is much longer than most games of the genre. In Dan The Man, the player faces several challenges to save his girlfriend and defeat the web series producers.

    Download link on Android e iOS

    2 – Rayman Classic (Free)

    Rayman Classic is an Android and iOS port of the game that was originally released for Playstation One and Atari Jaguar. Rayman's first adventure remains impressive with a very beautiful pixel art look. Bringing just about everything you'd expect from a game of the genre, the Ubisoft title comfortably earns the second position in our top 10 platform games.

    Players will wander through a magical world of Rayman. But with an ease compared to the original, the addition of 99 lives. And believe me, they will be necessary, because the difficulty of this game is way above what you are used to in any mobile game. Rayman Classic is an unmissable adventure for lovers of the platform genre.

    Download link on Android e iOS


    And the best platformer of 2016 is…

    1 – Vulture Island (PAGO)

    Don't let Vulture Island's simple visual design fool you. This remarkable little game has large environments, which give a satisfying sense of discovery, directly reminiscent of the old games of the 16-bit era.

    Vulture Island comes out of the cliché of current platform games, and the thing here is not to collect three stars or face short stages. The title has an incredible sense of progression and delivers an experience very close to those afternoons playing Metroid or Super Mario. It's a mobile game that would do well on any platform.

    In this successful 2D adventure game, there is no shortage of varied scenarios. The non-linear structure of Super Mario 3 allows you to explore the content in a way that the player wants.

    Download link on Android e iOS

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    [originally published December 22, 2016]

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