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    Top 10 Best Online Role Playing Games of 2016 (Android and iOS)

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    It's time to check out the best RPGs Online e MMORPGs 2016. One of the most dominant genres in releases on the Android e iOS, had another year full of news. If you like online adventures and collecting friends, check out the best Online RPGs of 2016.

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    10 – Primal Chaos Goddess (Free)

    Goddess Primal Chaos has arrived with battles and bloody combat. The game has great graphics and a bird's eye view. Choose goddesses in questionable outfits or epic warriors in combat through dungeons full of monsters. The game mixes the best of both worlds (MMO and RPGs with instantiated stages).

    The game has a “PT” version that is all in Spanish. Goddess Primal Chaos is especially recommended for fans of games like Line Age, as the producer of Goddess Primal Chaos has the same fascination with wings.

    Download Links at Android e iOS

    9 – Devilian (Thank you)

    Online RPG games usually have a lot of action on mobile phones. The reason for this is the control scheme used. Devilian follows a formula that was used a lot in 2016. The gameplay is the standard of the genre, the hack'n slash.

    In Devilian, your heroes aren't fully human. They are half people, half demons. During the game, it is possible to unleash a special power that transforms them into hideous creatures. There are only three characters, but the amount of stages is gigantic.

    Download Links at Android e iOS

    8 – Evilbane (Free)

    Netmarble is already a big name when it comes to Online RPGs. Evilbane arrived in Spain in Spanish, bringing a fun adventure, with simple controls and graphics that run very well on any device.

    In the game, an evil lord attacks and kidnaps the queen. His mission is to rescue the lady. In addition to combats with humanoid monsters, the game has combats with giant bosses.

    Download Links at Android e iOS

    7 – Super Monster League (Free)

    Super Monster League is an online role-playing game with sensational graphics. In this different adventure, the player must collect little monsters in a game that mixes Digimon and Pokémon.

    The game is clearly inspired by Summoner war, another cell phone classic. But what captivates in Super Monster League are the dialogues (all in Spanish). A very fun game with lots of content to explore and monsters to collect.

    Download Links at Android e iOS

    6 – Elsword Evolution (Grátis)

    Elsword Evolution is a side-scrolling online RPG with graphics and gameplay that are very reminiscent of the PC game it takes its inspiration from.

    Elsword Evolution's graphics are very beautiful and the gameplay focused on action, make the game that kind of casual, kind of hardcore game that you'll play for days.

    Download Links at Android e iOS

    5 – Age of Wushu Dinasty (Grátis)

    Released at the very beginning of 2016, Age of Wushu Dynasty was slightly overshadowed by other titles, but in terms of quality, it's one of the best MMORPGs you'll find on mobile.

    Focused on Chinese legends, Age of Wushu features stylized characters and gravity-defying moves. The gameplay is excellent and the game has mounts, varied scenarios and an impressive skill system.

    Download Links at Android e iOS

    4- HIT (Thank you)

    One of the most anticipated games of 2016, HIT or Heroes of the Incredible Tales, is an action role-playing game with graphics that use the Unreal Engine 4.

    The title has an impressive look, but in our analysis, it lacked a little in the gameplay, which became absurdly repetitive. Still, HIT has extra modes that draw attention, such as online arenas where multiple players can face off at once. If it's not the best, HIT is at least one of the best looking games we've seen in 2016.

    Download Links at Android e iOS

    3 – Dofus Touch (Free)

    Dofus may not have all the graphical refinement of HIT, but as this game has content. Based on the same engine as the PC version, the mobile version of Dofus offers the same tactical combat scheme.

    With more than 15 characters available, Dofus offers true immersion, with a vast world to explore. However, there is a reminder that the game consumes a lot of internet.

    Download Links at Android e iOS

    2 – Mobius Final Fantasy (Free)

    Mobius Final Fantasy was first released in Japan. The online RPG game that brings an incredible look and gameplay unlike anything we were used to, arrived in the west only in 2016.

    In command of a character who has just arrived in the strange world, you discover that you are part of a prophecy. Mobius Final Fantasy is a chapter apart, just like the other games in the series. But Mobius brings the participation of several characters from the franchise, in a story that mixes several known elements, a bath of references for fans of the franchise.

    Download Links at Android e iOS

    1 – Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (Free)

    By blending the old with the new, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is the ultimate free game for anyone who enjoys JRPGs or is a fan of the Japanese franchise.

    In this game, the player summons legendary characters and creatures from old Final Fantasy games. With beautiful pixel art and classic gameplay, Brave Exvius fits very well, even on very old cell phones. It's a great mobile game to pull and play on the go.

    As if that wasn't enough, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has a captivating story, about two friends, Rain and Lasswell. As it follows a rhythm inspired by the classic games of the franchise, there is no way not to recommend Brave Exvius as the best online RPG of 2016.

    Download Links at Android e iOS

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